PSLS Presents – Hideki Kamiya, Platinum Games, Bayonetta

PSLS Writes:
Bayonetta , the highly anticipated action game from Platinum Games, will release in western markets next January for the PlayStation 3. The game centers on its title character of the same name, and is set in a fictional European city. Bayonetta is directed by Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe series creator, as well as Okami mastermind, Hideki Kamiya in cooperation with publisher Sega. PlayStation LifeStyle managed to interview none other than Kamiya himself over the game, DLC, Bayonetta's sexuality and much, much more.

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doctorstrange3163d ago

"I designed Bayonetta to be like my ideal woman so hopefully lots of gamers will find her attractive too!"

Well, what do you think?

T3mpr1x3163d ago

I think he likes Dominatrixes :)

There's no doubt she has a lot of appeal. Good interview!

Teddybee3163d ago

She looks like Sarah Palin, in other words - eww

godzilla2123163d ago

What's wrong with Sarah Palin?

RememberThe3573163d ago


That woman's ignorance gets on my last nerve.

Anyway, on topic, Bayonetta's got swagger like a Scorpio. She's not the most attractive looking character ever, but she makes up for it by being massively badass.

Ninji3163d ago

I think he has a thing for shemales.

sikbeta3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Big Boobs + glasses = really twisted hentai lol

-"This game is made for me" lol

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Lifewish3163d ago

Another solid interview

doctorstrange3163d ago

I've got a couple more that are just waiting to be posted, so keep an eye out ;)

doctorstrange3163d ago

I'll give you a clue Ridley Scott and Spiderman ;)

ftwrthtx3163d ago

Great interview.

10-12 hour story mode is pretty good. I wonder how long it will take to unlock everything.

doctorstrange3163d ago

That is a pretty long game, me likee

wolfehound223163d ago

Ya that is what I like to hear. Then again a lot of dev's beef the actual amount up a little so I would think 8-9 hours. Either way that is pretty solid.

DoucheVader3163d ago

I find that odd in this day and age. :) But if it means more on the disc I am down!

doctorstrange3163d ago

It is slightly odd, but I'm happy that the game will have a complete storyline

Odin7773163d ago

Yeah I prefer when the developer loads the initial game with lots of content and extras. DLC kind of seems like a cheap way to make a few bucks in my opinion.

wolfehound223163d ago

Nice review this has been on my radar for awhile and I really liked the demo on the Japan PSN.

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