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Saaking3189d ago

R&C is probably one of the best platformers this gen. There's no reason to stop specially not becuase of stupid fanboys accusing them of milking it. Milking is releasing TWO games in ONE year. They release R&C every TWO years.

baum3189d ago

I rather have them either constantly create new IP (but of course, everyone wants more of the same sometimes), or milk the resistance franchise. I love resistance. Well, I hope they make another "mature" game. I hope they are making Sony's response to Fable.

lordgodalming3189d ago

Shouldn't you only be accused of milking a franchise if your games start to suck? With the exception of Deadlocked, every main R&C sequel has been better than the last.

Blaze9293189d ago

Maybe I missed it but I really didn't see alot of criticism over the series and people accusing them of milking. In fact, milking and R&C never really came up in my mind.

mal_tez923189d ago

The enemies, environments and especially the weapons always feel fresh and innovative with every game. Each game also introduces new gameplay elements to keep the action fresh (too much variety lol).

Over milked is mario, there hasn't been a good one since Super Mario 64, Galaxy failed so hard it wasn't even funny.
The only Mario games should be the sidescrollers.

-GametimeUK-3189d ago

Saaking be fair... Ratchet and Clank TOD, Quest for Booty, Crack in Time... There are more R&C games altogether than there is Halo... Halo doesnt get milked

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Aquarius3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

mal_tez92 I have to disagree, have you played and completed ACIT?

SMG is a better platformer, than ACIT, overall.

ACIT feels unfinished/lacking; well its obvious that they're coming short of ideas and this should be the last R&C. They should have spent more time on it to begin with.

ACIT also has a universal rating and there's less weapons/enemies.

However it will be milking, if they make another. I mean, what else can they do with it?

...and no Galaxy never failed, at least when playing the game, it feels as if I'm actually running on a moon/planet and gravity does actually play a part, when you look down in ACIT from WAAAAy high up, you'll know what I'm speaking about.

rdgneoz33189d ago

Milking is Activision putting out 8 Guitar Hero games in 1 year (

callahan093189d ago

All I know is that if A Crack In Time hadn't come out this year, my year would have been all the worse for it. And I would have missed out on one of my favorite gaming experiences of the year.

-GametimeUK-3189d ago


R&C, Going Commando, Up your arsenal, Deadlocked, Size matters, Secret agent clank, Tools of destruction, quest for booty, crack in time...

Yeah more R&C games... Its more milked than Halo

Aquarius3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

There will be 6 HALO titles and an anime (7) so I don't know what your trying to prove GametimeUK.

BTW isn't HALO marketed into other products everywhere in America? So what does that say about the game?

-GametimeUK-3189d ago

Just proving that theres more R&C games than Halo games... Its fact... Thats all... To be honest I dont think either franchise is milked within the context of GAME RELEASES... Halo mountain dew etc is excessive BUT as far as GAMES go its hardly milked at all... Like I said even R&C has more games than it

hay3189d ago

R&C is GREAT and EVOLVING franchise. Keep'em comin' Insomniac!

The Great Melon3189d ago

Even with so many Ratchet games, they are still great. I wouldn't mind though if they try something new besides Resistance and Ratchet. It would be interesting to see what they come up with as the are a very capable developer.

pansenbaer3189d ago

Pretty sure you were the one that mentioned Halo. Why are you trying to prove Ratchet has more games than Halo? Insecurity...?


Every R&C game is a platforming and shooter crossover.

R&C only expansion pack wasn't sold as a full priced stand alone game.

R&C don't have mountain dew cans, bottles or t-shirts.

R%C don't have tabble games, comic books and whatnot merchandising people call "exapanding the franchise".

R&C is made to meet fans expectations, not put out in any condition because anything with R&C on top will sell.

That is why Halo sequels in 360 are milking and R&C isn't! Don't get me wrong I use to love Halo on Xbox, Halo 1 was better than 2 IMHO but 2 was good and bring worth news. Halo 3 through was a letdown, I won't even comment on Wars or ODST, too damn easy. But I really hope Bungie get it right for Reach.


Now, that we are talking about milking. Sony should totally milk its franchises and rip-off Ninty and make a crossover of it's franchises like in Smash Bros. They could use character from:

Ratchet & Clank
Jak & Dexter
Wild Arms
Sly Cooper
Ape Scape
PaRappa The Rapper/UmJammer Lammy
Blasto (RIP Phil Hartman)
Tomba (but not sure if Fujiwara would like it)
Jumping Flash (Robbit or Muumuus)
God of War
Syphon Filter (Gabe and Lian)
Uncharted (Nate)
Twisted Metal (Sweet Tooth, Calypso would make it an AO rated lol)
Patapon (those 'eye-guys' could randomly change weapon)
LBP (Sack Boy, it could have no own moves, but copy other characters moves/weapons, like some chars in Soul Calibur series)

Those are just some from the top of my head. Funny how I didn't intend on listing anything at first, but now that I did it, it just feels Sony should totally bring back some of those franchises... Oh my 90's... *tear drops*

EDIT: Forgot about ICO, Heavenly Sword, Killzone, Folklore, InFamous... Games with remakable characters that could make it to a crossover.

darthv723189d ago

from my personal point of milk a franchise is to make a game in practically every genre. To be honest, I would say mario has been milked. Racing, sports, party, rpg, platform, fighting, etc...

The day rachet and halo get sports titles or any other dedicated genre bending title other than their respected genres is when they would officially be "milked".

sikbeta3189d ago

Funny enough....

Criticism goes to Insomniac for R&C, but nobody dare to criticize or say anything about COD and GH

IdleLeeSiuLung3189d ago

If it is a good game and there is demand, then that isn't really milking it. It is catering to consumers!

Any wise business would do that, so I don't understand why people keep saying Halo is milked, now they are saying R&C is milked. I wonder when we are seeing Resistance 3, are they also calling that milked?

If it sells, and people enjoy it, it is NOT milking in my book!

calis3189d ago

Insomniac have done 4 PS2 versions and 3 PS3. That's 7.

The PSP versions were not done by Insomniac.

ultimolu3189d ago

Lol, no one says anything about other franchises being milked but this franchise is being milked?


f7897903189d ago

Unlike Sonic where everyone screams in agony and they continue to make more.

working4games3189d ago

Halo is definitely be milked for what it's worth...after 1-3 pretty much every title has been sub-par except to the biggest fanboys. I'm just glad I have friends smart enough not to buy the Halo expansion pack for $60. The ones that did sure weren't happy. Keep on releasing R&C as long as the story and gameplay is still good. GO INSOMNIAC!

JD_Shadow3189d ago

Umm...R&C games aren't half-assed, overhyped games like Halo games are anymore.'s kind of news to me that there WERE criticisms about the franchise being milked. First I'M hearing about them.

Tomdc3189d ago

Its only milking if the gmaes aint quality.. But Ratchet games are!

I do think that downloadable quest for booty one was a bit sub-par to be honest (prehaps fitting in with the milking criticism), the frame rate seem to jutter slightly every time you jump - not a good thing for a platformer and they don't seem to have any cutscenes other than narration which is a bit of an annoyance. The whole package just seems a bit below thier usual high standards but thier full releases are AMAZING!

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RememberThe3573189d ago

How are they milking Ratchet?

This is the Best Ratchet yet. If this is how Insomniac milks their franchises, they need to turn into a dairy farm.

meepmoopmeep3189d ago

yeah, while i'm pretty new to R&C franchise, i found ACIT so much fun

anyway, only haters complain about milking, unless they're joking like i do with Halo :)

a franchise is for fans and fans always want more, i mean what fan would want it to stop?

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3189d ago

Keep those AAA games coming Insomniac.The xbots are just angry that their milked franchises like Halo are mediocre.

Saaking3189d ago

Yep, at least R&C still score 87+. The two Halos released this year couldn't make it past 85. LMAO.

NateNater3189d ago

It might just be me but I don't consider releasing 9 games on 3 different platforms in 7 years "milking a franchise"

LordMarius3189d ago

no but the story/series has to end and i think now its the time

RockmanII73189d ago

Ratchet isn't getting milked
Halo isn't getting milked
Final Fantasy isn't getting milked

It's only milked if the games suck (Sonic, Mega Man, ect.)

GarandShooter3189d ago

Exactly. Milking is putting out a half-assed effort just for the sake of making a quick buck. Quality sequels are simply that, quality sequels.