Blizzard: 'Who Knows' When Diablo III Will Ship

Tracey John of TechLand writes:

"Techland asked Blizzard's executive vice president of game design Rob Pardo why the heck it's taking so long.

"We always announce all of our games too early," Pardo said, referring to when Diablo III was unveiled at Blizzard's Worldwide Invitational in 2008. "We realize that and go, 'You know what? Next time we're not going to do that.' And then we always fail at that. But I'd rather fail at that than fail at making the game great. I think it's safe to say that, yeah, (Diablo III) is not going to be out next year.""

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Pennywise3073d ago

Blizz announces their games like 3-5 years before release. Its a really dumb strategy.

I am excited about D3, but... How outdated will the graphics be when it releases?? I wish they would announce 1 year b4 scheduled release.

RedSky3073d ago

Probably will be outdated, but the same was true for Diablo 2. Same for Warcraft 3 if I remember right. Neither suffered for it because they were both great games, artistically they outdid their rivals which had better graphics engines and such, and really for most people who don't have top of the line set-ups it just meant they could crank up the settings higher than usual.

But yeah, anyway, SC2 is sure to keep me and a lot of people busy in the meantime.

(assuming that actually does come out next year!)

Relientk773073d ago

It will probably come out in 2011

Perjoss3073d ago

As much as I'd hate to wait that long I think you might be right :(

I'm very much looking forward to SC2, but even more so D3

Kisama3073d ago

How professional. I sure do hope that Blizzard can keep the Diablo feeling in this game.

Digitaldude3073d ago

Its funny, Diablo 3 is like the game that never comes.

KUSHman3073d ago

u mean "never cums" :P

Nikuma3073d ago

Sucks the wait for one of my most anticipated games is sooooo long, but with truck loads of great games coming in 2010, I can forgive blizz for not getting us D3 in 2010. Now if they can't get SC2 out in 2010 then something is very wrong. :P

Perjoss3073d ago

I get the feeling 2010 is going to be an amazing year like 2008 was, there is some top class stuff on the menu!

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