Xbox 360 And PS3 Will Get Owned Twice Over By Wii Holiday 2009

Blend Games writes:

"In a recent survey by Lottay, it appears the Wii love just isn't fading anytime soon. The Wii was at the top of the wish list (and this was even including non-product wishes) and it was wished for twice as much as the Xbox 360 and PS3, combined."

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baum3189d ago

Is that all Wii owners have to play? Sales & Profits? I enjoyed gaming more when it was about gaming.

rekonizakilla3189d ago

I clicked on the link and it killed my browser, anyone else?
Anyway, everybody knows the wii comes with an oz of crack.

Guido3189d ago

Sorry, but you could sell a billion of them and I could care less. The console is loved by my kids but by me and those I know who want serious games, the Wii is not for us.

velcry3188d ago

I love my PS3, and have been happy and satisfied since the day I bought it.

So what if another 10 million young children and elderly people get the Wii this hols? Wouldn't change a thing about how much fun I'm having gaming on the PS3.

I bet my fellow 360 owners feel the same way too.

sikbeta3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )


"" = ...(¿?)... lol


Who cares, we already know that there is more casuals than gamers, so what's the point?


Wii is not going anywhere as a console, It can print loads of money, but as a gamer I don't see any benefit for me

If it was let to Nintendo, we could still playing 16bits games on cartridges bigger than a Blu-Ray case


You can't count with casuals forever, we'll see that when

FF13 + Gran Turismo 5 + God of War 3 COME OUT

edgeofblade3188d ago

Aye. Bubbles.

PS3 fanboys... 360 fanboys... behold your enemy: casual gaming. All the snarky comments you throw at each other are nothing compared to how Wii has been walking all over you.

Now, get the f**k over yourselves and play f**king a game. If you don't have the other hardcore HD console, go get one. There is more than enough to warrant it in either situation. The 360 is much more reliable and the PS3 has plenty of games worth playing. The combined force of the hardcore population is the only thing that can keep us from wandering back into the dark ages of gaming.

N4g_null3188d ago

You guys sound like you would be fine with some thing like a ww2? I mean you actualy believe nintendo is going to take us back to the darkages really? You actualy think casual gaming effects hardcore gaming? Not even movie gaming effects hardcore gaming, neither does online or fps gaming they are all seperated not every company can be good at them all.

You guys hate companys way too much. If nintendo was doing the wrong thing the market would prove it not opinions. Post like this are suppose to end the fanboy fights.

Seriouly are you guys having fun this gen? If so why even respond to an articule like this. Nintendo makes e for every one games hd gaming is becoming more and more niche as this gen goes on.

Greatlooking games like uncharted get crushed by rehashes like mw2. Then you guys spend years being butt hurt about what some guy on the Internet said. If you love gaming then find us some good games to talk about instead of attacking each other.

I don't know a wii gamer on here that cares about sales any more. We want nmh2 , red steel2, sin2, ffcrystal, dragon quest and more rebirth games. Demonblade did not sell to any one yet those that have it love it.

I mean seriouly what is your hate accomplishing. In truth there is nothing really special about the hardcore. Many times this gen the hardcore was suppose to make a difference and buy some really great games yet people only bought the casual games that where inthe clothes of the hardcore. Gta4, halo, mw2....

The ps3 guys are getting hit the worst I mean how does gears of war out sell uncharted? I'm starting to wonder if ps3 owners are mostly movie watchers. Nothing is worst than a movie watcher because they will never buy any games.

Redgehammer3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

severed my connection to cinemablend a few months ago and I never went back.

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Gandalf3189d ago

You do realize even poor people can answer a survey. Just because they wish for one doesn't mean they're going to get one.

cyguration3189d ago

Are some darn wise words.

But if last holiday was anything to go by, I think those poor people might actually wish for and buy a Nintendo Wii.

Monolith3188d ago

yeah but the ps3 is only 299 now, and i know like 5 or 6 people at my work alone that are getting it this holiday, i think sony is gonna OWN with the psp and ps3, you know the PSPgo is gonna drop in price aswell, prolly in the next couple of weeks, well atleast i hope so.

Pennywise3189d ago

People still want a Wii?? How many nursing homes are in this world? Geez.

Monolith3188d ago

yea seriously, i dont know anyone thats like man i cant wait to get me a wii this holiday, sorry but people want playstaion fact
go bye it 299

komp3189d ago

With "OWNED" in the title you can be assured it is not worth reading.

Grandreaper99993189d ago

How do you get owned by a device that is essentially tied to another market?


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