Gamingbolt: A guide to the Special Infected- Left 4 Dead 2

GB writes: "A new Left4Dead brings new zombies. And they are here to rip your guts out. Luckily, GamingBolt can help. This guide will detail Versus tactics, recommended weapons for dispatching the beasties and a general overview of each Special Infected."

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williamkenny3078d ago

Man that Spitter is ugly! I like the spitter in versus though. Really good at chokepoints.

baldguy713078d ago

is this one any better than the 1st one? I didn't care for the 1st

williamkenny3078d ago

It's quite a big improvement over the last one, but if you didn't like L4D1 then this game won't change your mind.

baldguy713078d ago

I think maybe the game was just a little too fast a pace for me, I like a lot of action, but there has to be a low to allow you to collect yourself every so often

cb8103078d ago

I can use all the help I can get...

gameseveryday3078d ago

Not sure about L4D. I mean I love Single player games and this game is focussed on MP modes :(

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