GameZone Interview: For the Glory is a game developed by players for players

GameZone writes: "It has been said that some developers seem to be out of touch with the communities they aspire to create games for, but what would happen if a game was created by fans of the community? Paradox Interactive is about to find out with the upcoming release of For the Glory.

For the Glory (FtG) is a bit of a unique commodity in that it was developed by community members. Taking on the classic reins of a strategy game, FtG puts players in control of one of the more than 180 countries available in the game. There is the ability to participate in more than 10,000 historically accurate events in the 400-year span between 1419 and 1819. Players will have the opportunity to determine domestic policy as well as foreign policy while attempting to elevate their country to a position of prominence."

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