Fallout's Future

Critical Gamer Writes: The Fallout franchise has gone from strength to strength since Bethesda have gotten their grubby mitts all over it, and going on the success that was the Oblivion series it's no surprise that Fallout turned out so well. This is a team of people who can take their time over making their games, and it really shows. The DLC that followed Fallout's main event was inspiring and brought more than was expected to the followers of Fallout. Yes indeed, we have come a long way since 'horse armour', have we not.

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unknown_gamer3161d ago

Fallout 3 DLC was awesome, looking forward to Fallout New Vegas

scruffy_bear3161d ago

Fallout New Vegas sound very interesting

Monolith3161d ago

yea whens that supposed to come out around next year or something

scruffy_bear3161d ago

Yeah next year sometime not sure when

Saaking3159d ago

Fallout New Vegas is gonna be the same gameplay of Fallout 3 right? Or are they gonna change something? Haven't really kept up with that game.

scruffy_bear3159d ago

Not sure there's been little to no information about Fallout New Vegas

NecrumSlavery3159d ago

They said it would keep the same gameplay style. I hope New Vegas keeps a good Story flow: Area 51 is a must and definitly vehicles this time around

Hellsvacancy3159d ago

Didnt realize it was an opinion piece, i want REAL details i loved Fallout 3 and most of the dlc

Nihilism3159d ago

This article lost all credibility when it suggested that they add MMO type situations like an olive market place, fallout 3 was one of the best SINGLE PLAYER games in the last few years, it also got goty. So I think they should stick to the single player...I love fallout 3, but if it had a subscription fee or mandatory online, I wouldn't have bought it.

My wishes for fallout 4, more 'fps like' aiming and shooting, more customisable weapons, level cap of 100 ( where there are still skills at level 50/60/70/80/90/100, so even if theres 1 skill every 10 levels, theres still an awesome incentive. They also need to get rid of enemy level scaling, it made leveling pointless.

Having cars is a great idea, but then they would just be copying rage, i'd rather you ride on the back of some mutated wasteland animal ala a tauntaun from that would be epic

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DemonStration3161d ago

I feel like the next thing Bethesda needs to work on is hiring people to do better animation, voice acting, and writing. The moment-to-moment stories are cool for what you have the freedom to do but it's all too robotic.

Imagine Uncharted 2-quality characterization in a Fallout game?

Jockie3161d ago

Well, I'd qualify hiring Obsidian to write and develop the next game as hiring better writers personally, after all they do have the people who wrote Plansescape Torment and parts of Fallout 2 working there.

scruffy_bear3161d ago

Not sure if you know but Obsidian are behind Fallout New Vegas :)

unknown_gamer3161d ago

Obsidian Fallout New Vegas will be better than Fallout 3

n to the b3159d ago

but didn't Obsidian also do KOTOR II? that game was a bit of a let-down IMO...

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Mondayding3161d ago

Yep, better voice acting. There is absolutely nothing worse, for me, than ruining a game with dreadful voice acting. Suspension of belief can only go so far graphicaly, voice acting, meanwhile, can go all the way

malfesto3161d ago

The only dlc that disapointed me with Fallout was Mothership Zeta. It was, unfortunately, pretty weak compared to what came before it.

Everything else was pure gold.

Cubes3161d ago

I love Fallout 3, still got loads to do, and need to try out the DLC. Vehicles would be an obvious addition and ID software's new game Rage looks very Falloutesque, with vehicles playing a prominent role as well. I agree the 'acting' in Fallout 3 can be a bit wooden, and Uncharted 2 shows just what can be done with quality talent.

n to the b3159d ago

I still think The Darkness was a pretty [email protected] good game, as far as the voice acting.

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