RPGamer: Gyromancer Review (PC)

During a time of great turmoil, a high ranking Count and his Countess are assassinated by a rebel force. Fearing the wrath of the King, Temperance flees to the Woods, chased by a mage and a ranger. Thus begins the chase in Gyromancer, a puzzle RPG combining the talents of Square-Enix and PopCap Games. Though the initial premise is novel, the execution of the game falls short of expectations and lacks the necessary traits to be a solid game and not just an excuse to play Bejeweled. At the time of this review, it is important to note both the XBox and PC versions of the game have some stability issues. While these are hit and miss for many people, it's not unusual to experience issues loading, crashing and/or freezing. Interestingly enough, in the PC version the game saves if the player so much as sneezes -- a suspicious addition when combined with numerous crashes.

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