1UP: ModNation Racers Preview

Little Big Planet launched the "Play, Create, Share" mantra into gamers' minds last year, and now with ModNation Racers, Sony hopes to mine similar success from a kart racer with similarly robust creation and customization options.

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Sevir043163d ago

LBP game of the year eddition has the beta in this so i'll be getting into the beta this weekend if i remember to upgrade to Game of the year edition of LBP. I simply cant wait.. if Media Molecule is invovled any at all with the studio behind this game then this is by far Sony's new MarioKart/diddy kong esque, racing game that, with the right marketing can be come a phenomninon just as big as those titles. this can become a franchise worth keeping exclusive.

So in the play create share, Sony has
already 3 games in that genre

LBP already released and of critical acclaim,
From softwares 3D Dot Hero create your own RPG.
ModnationRacers, the next evolution in kart racing. ^^

Not bad cant wait to try this out, i really want to get into this the same way i got into LBP.