IGN: What We Want from GTA V

The sun has set on Liberty City – The Ballad of Gay Tony marked the end of a saga that began with last year's Grand Theft Auto IV, and what a saga it was. From Niko to Johnny to Luis, Rockstar managed to wring an astounding amount of gameplay out of its magisterial metropolis, and it's with a heavy heart that IGN said their farewells last month.

But with one city down, they can't help but turn their minds to where Rockstar might take them next.

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VladimirK3162d ago

I have to say, but for me I would much prefer them to make it more like the older games.

Yeah, it was not bad, but the over-realism and the way it felt like they took the game so seriously when they made it just sapped the fun out for me.
If I put on GTA I don't want to get automatically chased by the police for even accidentally firing one bullet from a gun.
Plus I did find the way he moves, and the "better" driving to be another annoyance, along with many other things, but I won't start a full rant here.

But I know I just sound like I'm moaning, but hey, just my opinion.
Just to make it more simplified if you didn't read the above, GTA IV should have been like Saints Row 2, so here's hoping more of the fun will be put back in.

electricshadow3162d ago

I think it would be cool if it was to be set in London.