Prediction: Infinity Ward to Break Up With Activision

In a recent posting Golgotron makes a prediciton that Infinity Ward may be leaving Activision sometime in the near future are relates it to how Bungie returned to their independent status after the release of Halo 3 last year.

The article also points out several events from the past year and just the past few months that they think indicates the possibility of Infinity Ward breaking up with Activision.

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wxer3193d ago

Hell no
i dont think that greedy a**hole let them go
there are his gold chicken

Pennywise3193d ago

I don't think he would want to let them go, but its a golden goose, not chicken... haha

Jsynn73193d ago

The pic to this article is awesome lol

Halo3 MLG Pro3192d ago

Golden Chicken? BWHAHAHAHA!

No FanS Land3192d ago

I ROFL'ed when I saw the picture.

evrfighter3192d ago

Well more and more people learn about Bobby Kotick every day. In my opinion the words Bobby and Kotick are going to start being bad for business in the next year or two.

zeeshan3192d ago

The guy didn't become rich because he buys his own games. He became rich because of us. Especially the ones who keep buying updates of the same game over and over again. Guitar Hero and COD MW1/2/WaW says Hi

IdleLeeSiuLung3192d ago

Activision would never let go of CoD IP, but any game studio knows that the studio is only as good as its people. If you don't like them, you can coerce your co-workers and start your own company.

The original members of IW, was part of 2015, Inc which created Medal of Honor.

When you are buying a game studio, unless you can make the employees happy they can leave anytime. So essentially the only thing you can count on is the IP.

DTClown3192d ago

Big Bob just sold millions of shares of his personal Activision stock...twice! To me, those are the actions of someone getting ready to lose his cash cow. Sell now while the stock is worth the most because once IW goes independent, that stock is gonna tank!

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kaveti66163193d ago

Not gonna happen. IW are gonna miss the massive funding that Activision provides them. Activision is a lot like the Lakers owners, and IW are like Kobe Bryant. They need each other. IW wants the freedom, and that's what Activision gives them. Activision wants the money and attention, and that's what Infinity Ward gives them. Perfect relationship.

NamelessTed3193d ago

It clearly isn't a perfect relationship as IW and Activision have had disagreements. When IW wanted to make a modern warfare game Activision turned them down and made sure that CoD2 was WW II themed. IW also wanted their newest game to be called "Modern Warfare 2" but Activision made them add the "Call of Duty" name to the game.

Tr10wn3192d ago

They don't made them to add the name to the game, they know that the franchise is "Call of Duty" and not "Modern Warfare" and that they will loose money and people, after all they were the developers of the first Call of Duty so stick to your roots or loose peoples.

AAACE53192d ago

Never say never!

If they were to separate from Activision, you would see several companies engage in a blood war to try to get them... especially MS and Sony! No matter how you feel about CoD games, you better believe that Sony and MS both wish they had exclusive rights to the game, especially with the amount of sales.

And as much as the fanboys on here like to talk about MS throwing money around, you know they would give IW a blank check and possibly hand over Halo duties to them as well!

Baka-akaB3192d ago

I wouldnt say they are unhappy , actually their relationship seems quite close to perfection , as there can't ever be any anyway .

from IW's boss himself , we learned that Activision was already bending over whatever expensive budget figures IW would have needed for their mw2 blockbuster . However IW themselves told them they wouldnt need as much as activision expected ...

So far it's a big win/win , IW gets whatever they need or want , and Activison get it's biggest game at lower cost .

Activision is indeed a "bad guy" , but the funny thing they werent actually that involved in most controversial decisions surrounding MW2... they were either IW's own decision , or had their full support .

InFAMOUS13192d ago

Any publisher would write IW a blank cheque and say "have at it". The next big name that comes to mind would be EA. However I think after the money IW has made off the COD series, I can actually see them becoming their own publisher/developer. This would give them the complete freedom from a creative and financial standpoint. Bethesda did the same thing and they are LOVIN it!

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Nastycrew3192d ago

they better break up with Activision. As of today, its pure hate for IW / activision

Baka-akaB3192d ago

I doubt they care , and if they split with activision it wont be for better games or to re-earn some people's misguided respect , but to make more cash ... wich is unlikely for the times to come .

Tr10wn3192d ago

Yeah pure hate and yet people who hate IW still buy MW2 like the Boycott of steam... hypocrites

dragonelite3192d ago

Think that microsoft is willing to give IW a huge pay roll if they join them as first party devs.

Baka-akaB3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

I highly doubt that . They let bungie go and it was an even bigger cashflow .

granted in the end they win with bungie still developping and having made most of it's reputation on 360 . Still the point is it was theirs and they let it go , with much benefits ..

Why would microsoft use an unsurmountable amount of money to acquire something they already got ? The 360 version of cod already got the biggest sales , they wouldnt gain that much by making them exclusive .

Unless they are assigned to Halo .

omni_atlas3192d ago

Isn't there a FS: IW sign somewhere in modern warfare 2? Came up on N4G a few days ago.

Milky3192d ago

what does FS: IW mean?

omni_atlas3192d ago


For Sale: Infinity Ward

InFAMOUS13192d ago

Yes there is a sign that says that! However I would not read much into it, game devs place their name on all things like that, simply for trademark purposes. This whole thing is very DO-ABLE but after COD4 and MW2 I dont think ANTIvision is going to care how much they want or what they want to use it for. As a result IW will most likely stay for the money/freedom

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