God of War Collection getting freeze complaints

CC: Gamers are complaining that the God of War Collection is freezing on their PlayStation 3 system. They claim that the game starts freezing after the games first cut-scene, then later on in the first mission.

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LordMarius3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

And by these "gamers" you mean 360 fanboys

The forum only has like 3 pages with only like 4 people replying over and over

WildArmed3166d ago

lol. Havnt had that freez on me once. finished GoWI and no complaints.. friend beat both and he has no complaints.
might be an isolated issue or w/e.

moparful993166d ago

same here.. finished gow I on spartan today and had no freezing.. only frustration I had was how damn hard it was.. I forgot how challenging it was.. but worth it.. im only lacking 2 trophies till i get my platinum.. speed run and challenge of the gods... but all in all its a superb game... fav of all time...

Darkstorn3166d ago

Don't discount the complaints simply because they affect a game on a system that you are partial to. It's a shame that there seems to be freezing, but it's not game-breaking and I'm sure they'll patch it in the near future.

deadreckoning6663166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

"Don't discount the complaints simply because they affect a game on a system that you are partial to."

Exactly. Complaints are a GOOD thg. Thats how things eventually get fixed. Reasoning with a fanboy is like reasoning with a child. They always like ta flip things around so that it benefits their argument.
Just like the genius that mentioned the a God of War article.


3166d ago
Halo3 MLG Pro3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Funny. I said the same thing about the ps3 fanboys who clearly sabotaged that infamous RROD survey.

Darkstorn3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Jesus christ, I thought I was a PS3 fanboy, and now that I give attention to a potential problem with a recently released game, I get disagreed for it? Doesn't sound very fair to me. Maybe this will get me some agrees: PS3 FTW!!! There, blind fanboyism always triumphs.
I chose the PS3 because it has more games that I'm interested in, as well as the fact that it can double as a do-it-all media center, not to mention that the PSN community is vastly superior to the children on Xbox Live. But PS3 fanboys on N4G treat every comment that isn't in blind praise of Sony as if it's a sleight against god. The PS3 is a machine, it's not perfect, and you should get over it.
Anyways, back to Demon's Souls...

Chubear3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Resistance1 (20v20 day one): "Oh the graphics aren't like gears - FAIL! (gears pushing 4v4 in year2)

Motorstorm (never been done before physics and lighting at that time): "Meh, boring. Not enough content!"

Folklore: "Meh, looks gay"

Eye of Judgement: "is teh cards lolz. I like Uno"

Heavenly Sword: "IT'S TOO SHORT! but MW2 & ODST SP length is fantastic!"

Lair: "lol, look at teh grass!"

Uncharted: "It's just Dude Raider lolz; boring gameplay."


KZ2: "Meh, too many exploding barrels and iz teh gray! but I love the colour pallet in gears of war"


Heavy Rain: "LOLZ, all you do is watch a stripper and do QTE!"

GoW3: "Boring graphics! it's the same gameplay as gow1&2"

The Last Guardian: "meh, for gay gamers that like to cry"

and on and on and on.

If you're a PS3 gamer and don't try out exclusives cause of internet banter or reviews, you're a damned fool.

twoface3166d ago

And that is why the latest firmware is a great in a way that it includes the crash/freeze feedback function. No one knows which complaints are legitimate anymore except for those proven problems that come with a 3 year warranty.

DatNJDom813166d ago

bro you just said every single negative comment i heard about ps3 exclusive given by "gaming journalists" and the xbox fanboys. i swear that if i would have listened to them before i bought my ps3 i probably woulda been on my 5th xbox now. but u forgot about tools of destruction having too much variety. thats my favorite "gaming journalist" rant.

ultimolu3166d ago

Lol, I await the day where a PS3 game is *finally* accepted. Really now...this can't be a big problem.

Chubear3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Ratchet & Clank: "TOO MUCH VARIETY!"

Killzone2 - "NOT ENOUGH COLOUR!!!!"
Resistance2 - "TOO MUCH COLOUR!!!!"

GoW Collection - "IT'S THE SAME AS GOD OF WAR 1&2!!.. for 20bucks each!!! Ripoff!!... I loves me my $60 halo odst though"

-Alpha3166d ago

I suppose you have proof 360 fanboys are complaining about freezing?

If not, then please, your making me laugh.

God forbid there's a problem with a Sony game.

There are freezing issues. It's noticeable enough that people are complaining. Get over it and stop making petty excuses.

-Alpha3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Really? Freezing issues is FUD?

It's funny that you don't have any counter evidence and you ignore the fact that people are having issues only to make a totally irrelevant comment.

Oh, how cute, you listed a bunch of fanboy responses. It works both ways. There are fanboy comments against games from 360, but oh no, 360 fans are just attacking poor SonY!

It's unbelievable that you put the blame on other people. I hope you dont work for Sony. What a joke it would be if your game froze and you called Sony and all they said was "Your a 360 fanboy!"

People have freezing issues. What the HELL Does this have to do with 360 fanboys? Stop blaming other people and realize people are having issues with the game.

DevastationEve3166d ago, they mean PS3 gamers and their consoles failing because of God of Collection.

And yes, I work at a Best Buy and we got swamped with calls in our Geek Squad department asking why the game is crashing.

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guitarded773166d ago

I haven't had any problems with the God of War Collection, but my God of War 3 demo did freeze once when I busted out with the wings to fly.

rdgneoz33166d ago

I haven't had any problems with the God of War Collection either. The demo for GoW III has been fine as well.

DatNJDom813166d ago

I thought it was just me. I have my copy of killzone 2 freeze for a couple of seconds but not completely freeze. im glad its not only me. has anyone else here played killzone 2 and the voices are not synched? most likely i just got a bad copy of killzone 2, or my 500 gig hdd. If anyone can help it would be appreciated. Thanks.

funkycoldmedina3166d ago

@DatNJDom81 - The KZ2 freezing you are experiencing are probably due to stage loading and saving. The game will briefly cease all screen activity for a few seconds to load the next portion of a stage or to save. It indicates loading or saving after unfreeze at the bottom right/left corner. Might require turning on Subtitle or something in Options setting to see activity display.

As for the voice syncing and repeat issue I also experience this as well during the cutscenes. The long loading and voicing syncing all became very noticeable after the second patch or so. Originally, KZ2's SP was smooth prior to patches from what I can recall. I don't think it's your game disc because I pre-ordered KZ2 and only started to experience these things after the first few patches were installed to fix MP issues. These are very minor annoyances that don't ruin the game in any way unless you let it. Happy gaming.

rxeight3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

I am around 5 hours in and haven't had any freezing issues either.

dorron3166d ago

A question for those of you who own an American GOW Collection.

Does it have Spanish Language available?

Thanks in advance...

Gen0ne3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Got there without a single hiccup. -1 point for sub HD cinemas though. The game looks so clean during play, then the cut scenes come in and ruin the otherwise beautiful presentation. Certainly not a deal breaker. It just brings my 10 to a 9. Oh well, still worth every penny.

gamerdude113166d ago

It's kind of funny that the cut-scenes are a step down in the graphics department. It's usually the other way around. Bluepoint said they couldn't do any improvements on the cut-scenes for some reason.

Marceles3166d ago

No problem, it just makes the game look even better lol. It's kinda the same as Ninja Gaiden Sigma, it had the same cutscenes as the original Ninja Gaiden and they weren't updated as well.

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