Gamebosh: New Super Mario Bros Wii Review

Gamebosh writes: "Amazingly it's been 18 years since we last saw Mario in a side scrolling console classic. Not since the days of Super Mario World on the SNES have we been able to experience what for a lot of us is our most memorable gaming past time. This is far too long in our books, although we hadn't given it too much thought until now. Our 2D cravings had been kept at bay with remakes of the NES/SNES classics on GameBoy Advance, 2006's New Super Mario Bros on DS, and the mixed-genre action of Super Paper Mario, meanwhile the outstanding Mario titles bestowed upon us since Mario 64 (especially Galaxy) helped put our hero's roots to the back of our mind. Slowly though they are creeping to the forefront and something is making us realise them all over again, something rectangle shaped, something as red as a certain guys hat. Of course it can only be one thing, New Super Mario Bros. Wii."

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