Microsoft hails its 'killer weapon' in battle with PS3 and Wii

MCV: Live is streets ahead of rivals' services following social media additions, says company

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Why o why3108d ago

is GAMES, the online is a secondary weapon. Kudos to live but if MS think online services matter MORE than games then they're up for disappointment

MasFlowKiller3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Thank good Sony's killer weapon is their line up of exclusive tittles, i really hate how much the media has deviated from the video game part of the video game industry.

Sony had to learn this the hard way by releasing a console with no killer App but just look how far they are now, having the highest rated games for 2 years running and as things stand 2day they have the most anticipated games 2010, It looks to be a great time to be a PS3 gamer.

Once Microsoft sees that gamers care more about playing actual games than exclusive DLC & live than they will start making games again, Live is great and everything but where is that tittle that makes my 360 stand out from the rest, that game i can only play in my 360, not my PS3 or my PC but unique to my 360?

friendly question, How many studios does MGS(Microsoft Gaming Studios) actually have?

hey once MS start to come back to the video game section of the video game industry we might actually see a great war were both Sony and MS are force make killer exclusive.
just like the SNES and Genesis war force Nintendo and Sega my favorite games of my childhood.

RedPawn3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

One company takes games seriously, the other doesn't, simple as that and I didn't know I could play the internet.

-Alpha3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

It's funny how people are suddenly bashing MS for not caring about games when it was Sony that launched with everything BUT good games this gen.

This drama about companies not caring about games is ridiculous. Both companies understand their market. What do you think DLC is? GAMES. What do you think LIVE enhances? ONLINE GAMING.

So let's stop pointing the finger. LIVE is MS's greatest tool in TODAY's gaming world where online gaming is vivid with things like Machinima, gamebattles, etc.

Yes, Sony has come a long way but they were always destined to do so. The PS3 launch was terrible (compared to 360 and PS2) but Sony KNEW they had a killer lineup of exclusives. Sony's killer weapon is indeed their relationships with their internal studios, but there is only so much you can rely on internally for profit. It's the third party devs that give you the free $ bills as they support themselves to build themselves up. And Sony lost a lot in terms of 3rd party. Final Fantasy, Tekken, Assassin's Creed, etc. are all examples of games that have decided to go multiplatform.

Sony has their devs, MS has LIVE. We all know their exclusives rock, but there is more that defines them. LIVE defines the Xbox. Internal Studios see to best describe Sony. BOTH have exclusive games, so lets not act as if MS is somehow deprived of killer games themselves.

D4RkNIKON3108d ago

PS3's killer app are its games. Check out this vid FUNNY!!

TheFreak3108d ago

Omg funniest video I have seen since I can remember.

D4RkNIKON3108d ago

It is an obvious fake dub but it is rich! The host looks like he is about to piss himself laughing haha

gaffyh3108d ago

I'll take exclusive games over a Live-like online service any day of the week.

People are quite spoiled now, I mean PSN is 1000x better than what it was 3 years ago, whereas XBL is like 10x better. PSN is catching up fast, XBL better do something other than Facebook/twitter or else they'll get railroaded pretty soon.

ultimolu3108d ago

Yes, yes, and yes. You are correct.

Megatron083108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Funny how ps3 fangirls talk about exclusive when the ps3 almost not but flops. only real game they have is uncharted and even that is midcore.

The 360 has

Mass Effect

and the list goes on and on. Only reason to buy a ps3 is if you really want a piss poor blu ray player.

As for the psn catching up to XBL it will never happen cause sony has to wait for xbl to add new feature before they have any clue what to add to the psn

Christopher3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Man, glad Microsoft had the foresight to get facebook and twitter out there ahead of Sony. Sony really screwed the pooch by giving people who want to use 99% of the Web services out there a built-in browser.

And, because for many people here, it's necessary to actually claim it: yes, that's sarcasm.

P.S. Yeah, Sony's attempt at integrating facebook isn't all that great either.

SixZeroFour3108d ago

yea, i saw the original version quite some time ago...but that one was much funnier

OGharryjoysticks3108d ago

you are the master for finding that. And the people who recorded that are funnier than you but honestly that is the funniest thing I've seen here ever.

I usually don't bubble up people but you deserve your own bubble machine for that link :)

Saaking3108d ago

MS, you disappoint me.

sikbeta3108d ago

Looks who's talking about fangirls

"We havez thiz

bla bla bla Haloz
bla bla bla Haloz
bla bla bla Haloz
and bla bla bla Gearz"

Is funny to think a game is a flop just beacuse is not sell like... OMG teh salez

What is the benefit if a game sell a sh*tload, you only buy one, support the game that deserves it, not the most f*cking hyped game ever

"but...but...but...iz betterz becauze sellz more"

lol kid, wake up!!!!

badz1493107d ago

I knew that you're a troll but I didn't know that you're a helpless one at that! thanks for the trolling but you add nothing to the table beside troll bait!

vhero3107d ago

Live eh?? Its all they got left to say really and they never stop bringing it up yet its not the great power it once was. They have to say its the best out their though they cannot in no way say it on par with Sony otherwise nobody would pay simple as. Soon as they admit Sony are catching up they have lost subscribers.

mr mintleaf3107d ago

Xbox Facebook fans need to realize that Sony has technically had this feature since day 1:


The 3.1 update added facebook auto-update for gaming activity. If you want to browse and post on facebook, use the web browser. Same goes for all the other social shiat like youtube, twitter, etc.

Microsoft plays the same card everytime. They add an 'exclusive' feature, that's only exclusive in that its built in as a proprietary app. Then it tells you that no other system has it, which, as you see is bullshizz, and the xbox fans buy it up like empty calories.

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3108d ago
SoapShoes3108d ago

Its killer weapon was a dud...

Relientk773108d ago

K well, have fun with Live, your "killer weapon"

I will be playing GAMES

Azerach3108d ago

So where is home for XBL? guess we will be seeing something along those lines in the coming weeks then....

Edge11053108d ago

I believe that micro had said that it was "light years" ahead of anyone else's online offerings. Now they are only streets ahead? At least they are finally telling the truth.

GrandTheftZamboni3108d ago

More like ... streets in Legoland.

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