Top 10 Epic Moments in Modern Warfare 2

From the top-ten list (Spoiler Alert):

"So as it had come to be foretold, Modern Warfare 2 has descended from the Heavens for all to play and Infinity Ward looked upon us, their beloved Gamers and saw that it was good. Well, at least it was good for Xbox 360 owners. Despite the server issue with the Playstation 3 multiplayer, PC Gamers considerably upset about the lack of features (i.e Dedicated servers), as well as a bit of broken street date fever all over the world, it seems that Modern Warfare 2 has been considerably well-received by the masses. After all, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare just about walked on water as far as many critics were concerned, so it is natural that the sequel should be so well loved or at least expected to be loved. Infinity Ward has once again thrust upon us material that would be more comfortably presented in a cliche summer action movie, but somehow, it was developed in a way that it sells itself to the gaming community. Thus, submitted to you, gaming public comes the top ten moments of Modern Warfare 2."

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Valkyrie833191d ago

Love the list, the game has at least ten "oh crap" moments so putting them all down on paper is great; thanks!

Guido3191d ago

My biggest "oh-crap" moment was when I fired up the MP and experienced just how awesome it was and is. It is by far the best MP game I have played this year. Second to it is Uncharted 2. Both take up all my time on the MP side of gaming.

gintoki7773191d ago

I thought the level where you go in the submarine things and infiltrate the oil rig lookin for makarov and the whole launching of the nuke thing
When captain price and sheperd were fighting it reminded me of snake and liquid lol except without the cool cqc moves

UltimaEnder3191d ago

Playing through the campaign for my third time now; multiplayer and spec-ops are also epic.....running for GotY no doubt, great list!

Valkyrie833191d ago

The final trailer is on the last page; I figured videos might be a bit too spoilerish....

PepperJack3191d ago

some awesome moments in there, good job man

ScorpionX993190d ago

Definitely made me want to play the single player over again.

UltimaEnder3190d ago

Yep same here, it's surprising how many moments MW2 had that were so memorable...

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