Game Journalism from Dimension X

Game journalism is a funny thing. Before the increase in popularity of gaming sites on the internet gamers hungry for news regarding their favorite games or upcoming titles would have to shell out and purchase their favorite game magazine. And if you wanted to have your article published in one of these magazines everything needed to be filtered through an editor who checked basic things like facts, or grammar before the article was published.

These days the primary source for game information is the wonderful, world wide web but in collecting our game news from the internet that important filtering step an editor provided fell by the wayside. Now, anyone can say anything about whatever game or console they want without even bothering to verify their details or bother fact checking.

But even in this environment, some articles stand out more so than others as head shaking examples of some of the most ignorant stories the gaming media has ever perpetrated and oddly the majority of these articles seem to fall all over themselves in praise of one particular system. Often, gamers are left in open mouthed disbelief and wonder what world these commentators live on. Well, it turns out you were right to question because the fact of the matter is these articles aren't coming to us from our reality. The magic of the internet has twisted the very doorways of dimensions and these articles are, in fact, being forwarded to us from shadowy Dimension X, a place where the gaming world is a Microsoft dominated landscape. Here are some of the most recent examples of game reports from…DIMENSION X!

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