FFCC: The Crystal Bearers dated for Europe

Square Enix has announced the release date of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers for Europe.

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SpoonyRedMage3159d ago

Awesome, I think Dragon Quest V was released on the 5th this year. That's pretty weird.

Can't wait anyhow!

EvilTwin3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

Did you read the IGN hands-on, Spoon?

When Boz actually takes his time with something, the writing can be enlightening. But I digress...

This looks like something that might tide me over until Zelda drops.

SpoonyRedMage3159d ago

Yer, that preview was great it just highlights how bad the MW: Reflex review was.

Well it looks like an action/adventure through and through, it even has a fishing minigame!

It'd be hard to choose between Zelda Wii and this to be honest... which is why it's lucky they're so far apart!

EvilTwin3159d ago

Seriously. When Boz takes his time with a title and doesn't rush through it, he writes like an actual gaming journalist instead of (surprise) someone rushing through a game. Who'd of thunk it? I dig those screen shots, though. I know Tri gets all the love for pushing the Wii, but damn...Square looks like they did their homework, too.

I'm more of a Zelda person, but as this has much more action/adventure in it (I was never a huge fan of turn-based stuff), I'm pretty much sold on it.

However, you're right that we did luck out with the timing of these. I mean, FFCC looks like a huge game. By the time I'm really done with it, Zelda will probably be launching. This looks like a game that will steal a few months of my life.

SpoonyRedMage3159d ago

Yer, I think Crystal Bearers looks beautiful and some other people have give it nods, there's also the fact that Crystal Bearers is open world where Monster Hunter Tri isn't. It's not a really a surprise though, the original Crystal Chronicles was beautiful(head and shoulders above any of their other games last gen) and got no credit, Ring of Fates and Echoes of Time are equal to KH 358/2 Days graphically yet got no credit.

Crystal Bearers only releases a month before FFXIII though, I guess FFXIII may have to wait.:P

Valay3159d ago

Ha, I had a feeling you'd be happy that there was finally a release date, Mage.

N4g_null3159d ago

Wow how sneaky is that. Hmm so mh tri is coming this is coming, monolith's game... Dyn slash is coming is suppose to have rgp elements In it. Then we have Zelda and dragon quest coming also.... Wow the whole shovel ware talk keeps getting lamer and lamer.

Then on top of that they could all use motion plus.

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mastiffchild3159d ago

Well, Spoons has been talking this up since I can remember hearing about the game! Good to see a firm release for the west anyway and with the true Wii Zelda likely to release anytime from late 2010 to God knows when this will be a nice tide us over game at worst. I think some people are expecting too much of it in sales terms but if it's as good as it seems then , like most decent Wii games the gamers on the wii will buy it over time.

And Spoony-you'll buy FF13 on the first day as well you know! Even I will and I'd MUCH rather Vs was coming out first! Anyone know if SE have announced what the "big shock" is with Agito? Whatever it looks like Q1 2010 is a pretty hectic time for gaming in general and I'm staring to wish a few less had decided to ditch their late 2009 slots now.