One of The Best Cosplay Ever - Bayonetta

It seems that We have found one of the best cosplay ever. No, not Aeris - this is Bayonetta!

This russian girl from Igromir 2009 are exact copy of the game's heroine, seems that they have cloned...

We do not know her name, but we know what She has done a great job!


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Alcon Caper3160d ago

I mean, it's really good. Almost perfect. But her cheeks prevent her from smiling like the poster. Her snaggletooth thing is like the only pose she has.

...who am I kidding, I'd do her...

blitz06233160d ago

those pics are missing her one trademark to me and most others. her a$$

SullyDrake3160d ago

That lady is still beautiful, and the cosplay is one of the best I've ever seen.

She is FAR more attractive than the Bayonetta character. A real woman's beauty can't be beat no matter how many pixels are on the screen.

El_Colombiano3160d ago

Nasty ass face though. *shutters*


lowcarb3160d ago

She looks nice. Not sure if it's the suit but she looks very sexy.

marinelife93160d ago

She doesn't pass because there is no pic of her @$$. How do you take Bayonetta cosplay pictures without a posterior shot??

locos853160d ago

That chick was ugly. No ass or tits. How is that the best ever??

Noctis Aftermath3160d ago

She isn't bad looking, but you guys really need to look at websites besides N4G if you think these pics are some of the best cosplay pics.

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JOLLY13160d ago

The end of that zipper could be bad....

gunnar29063160d ago

Nicely noticed =)

ThanatosDMC3160d ago

Has to be... or tangles... but why would she not wear any undies? That leather will get smelly fast.

krauler3160d ago

isn't that Olivia Munn?

superfedya3160d ago

Nope. I think is a russian model.

hesido3160d ago

..than the video game bayonetta:
1) She's real, so in theory, you CAN.
2) Video game Bayonetta is a peanut head. Her small head looks absolutely stupid. This lady's head is just the right size.

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The story is too old to be commented.