Level 5: JRPGs losing momentum in Japan

White Knight Chronicles Director Yoshiaki Kusuda has said that he feels that the JRPG genre "has lost momentum in Japan" and that "there is a lot of work to be done" to regain "that lost ground".

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Roper3163105d ago

lets see the more you try to westernize them the more popularity they loose world wide. I hate all the button mashing battle systems that are used now. Also they need to try to come up with better lead characters instead of the whiny metro sexual teenager. That is a few things but there is more to it than just these 2 examples.

Julie3105d ago

Rpgs (not all of them) seem to have lost their magic feeling and inmersion factor , some feel soulless , bland characters with non interesting story just to fill space.

I believe is the inmersion and magic feeling that are wrong , i hope i could explain myself :3

Btw this is happening to a lot of genres not only RPG imo.

Demon's Soul have a great inmersion and magic feeling for me for example.

chidori6663105d ago

man.. all because this disgrace of 360rrod..

for stolen the j-rpgs of ps3.

sad this.

Marty83703105d ago

You do realise that ther are around 25-30 JRPG in development for PS3 only. The genre is far from dead.

XxZxX3105d ago

Have you play Mass Effect and DragonAge? That's how RPG should be like, Glad that Final Fantasy XIII is stepping to the correct direction

rdgneoz33105d ago

Those are WRPGs, not JRPGs. And the sh!tty NA theme song is not stepping in the correct direction.

XxZxX3104d ago

i know those are WRPG, that's why WRPG is so popular and JRPG is a thing in the pass.

George Sears3105d ago

Japan is trying to make there RPG's to cater towards the western market and they just don't know what they are doing really. They should just stay with the same formula and stop doing dumbass decisions like changing theme songs.

Haloreacharound3105d ago

FPS Fanatics will never care for RPG's, trying to cater to them isn't very smart.

Haloreacharound3105d ago

Japanese gamers dont want to buy a 360 to play those games. So they started buying different games, and now aren't RPG hungry anymore. Jrpg's just cant thrive on a system that's geared towards shooters. Which is why Tales of Vesperia and Star Ocean have been ported to the PS3, so it can sell on console that has people who actually like rpgs instead of Generic Shooter ODST

or Generic Warfare 2 :)

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