Fake "Mass : We Pray" website leads to a new Dante's Inferno Trailer

New Dante's Inferno video : "Dante's Heresy" has been revealed through the fake website "Mass : We Pray", promoting a false Christian game.

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LiquifiedArt3134d ago

For a flop of a game.

yea I said it. Dante's Inferno is a Flop.

blu_yu_away3133d ago

I wouldn't say it's despicable advertising, nothing has really been offensive (to me at least). However I would say they are trying as hard as possible to piss people off to drum up some controversy in an attempt to garner more attention. I'm personally surprised though that no one has taken the bait.

myke66993133d ago

It's divinely comedic, to say the least. Can't wait for the game.