Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 online review (Resolution Magazine)

Resolution Magazine writes: "It's towards the pinnacle of online gaming. It's pitilessly harsh to the careless player, and the lopsided availability of certain weapons or perks will put some off the necessary grind. Despite this, Infinity Ward has opened up a hugely polished competitive shooter to allow even the most fleeting of users to make the most of it. Such willingness to invite everyone is to be commended, especially when the foundations of the game itself are so perfectly tuned. The inclusion of the Spec Ops modes (and a split screen option for those not online) makes this a staggeringly comprehensive package, and few gamers will be able to resist the furious interaction of the online side, even if they simply flirt with the addiction. Even if you bought Modern Warfare 2 for the campaign, you'll keep it for the online side."

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