PSLS Presents – Kevin Shortt, Ubisoft Montreal

PSLS: "At this year's London MCM Expo PlayStation LifeStyle managed to talk to Kevin Shortt, the lead script writer for Avatar: The Game about everything from the title, to the movie, to fighting cosplayers. The game is set two years before the events of James Cameron's heavily anticipated movie, giving the game far more creative freedom than the average movie game tie-ins."

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doctorstrange3282d ago

Looks like it will be a fun game and it has 3D, which is cool

DoucheVader3282d ago

I wonder how good it looks. What's it cost to get it to work? :)

doctorstrange3282d ago

At MCM and Eurogamer - it looks amazing, really works. But at the moment the TV costs £7000 (ten trillion $) and you need to wear fat sunglasses

Teddybee3282d ago

Damn, no one is gonna buy one of those

godzilla2123282d ago

I'll probably get one next year when they are cheaper

doctorstrange3282d ago

I might get one next year, depending how I am financially

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dopeboimagic923282d ago

So, why is there so much hype behind James Cameron's avatar?

doctorstrange3282d ago

It's made by the highly successful James Cameron behind Titanic, Terminator etc. Also, it's set to be the most expensive movie of all time

dopeboimagic923282d ago


Lol, I shoulda specified. I meant the game. Is it directed by him as well?

doctorstrange3282d ago

No, it's made by Ubisoft and James Cameron has only an overview of the game and made the occasional input, mainly Ubisoft got quite a lot of creative freedom

wolfehound223282d ago

This game looks interesting

doctorstrange3282d ago

Yeah the game is quite an interesting one to watch

godzilla2123282d ago

I though this game sucked?

doctorstrange3281d ago

By the looks of it, it might be a refreshing change for a movie game