Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta Impressions and Screenshots

The PS3 BFBC2 beta went live last night and here are some general impressions of the game and several screenshots taken from the action. DICE is onto something with this game.


Gameplay video has been added

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ThorIsGod3073d ago

Hahaha, love the blood spurting on the hit. You missed the teabag on the knifed guy though, not cool. The game looks pretty sweet, I hope to get a key today so I can play this weekend. This game is going to kick CODMW2's ass.

xg-ei8ht3073d ago

I've playing on usa key, but the game is great, just getting used to it now.

docsavage3073d ago

It is a fun game, I really like the pace of the battle too. It's not too rushed and gives you time to think about what you're doing. The size of the maps also give you plenty of different attack lines.