Sony hopes online service will build brand loyalty

TOKYO (AP) -- Sony's new online service connecting the whole range of its gadgets to downloadable content like movies and games should help build brand loyalty, a top executive said Friday.

Executive Vice President Kazuo Hirai said the service, set for launch next year, highlights an advantage that Sony has over rivals like Samsung Electronics Co. and other manufacturers that don't produce their own content. Sony's business empire spans gaming, electronics, movies and music.

"That's the kind of combination that I think is not seen anywhere else," Hirai said in an interview at Tokyo headquarters. "That I think is where our core competence lies, and that's a differentiator for Sony."

The online service will include games, movie downloads and other interactive entertainment, which will be accessible on Sony products, such as Bravia TVs, Cyber-shot digital cameras and Reader electronic books.

Sony's service for PlayStation 3 video game machines, which began three years ago, has attracted 33 million users. The new service will be expanded to other Sony products.

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D4RkNIKON3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

This is great news! I would happily pay for a subscription to PSN if it means unlimited access to movies, music and possibly game rentals for a monthly fee. PSN has a much better movie and video selection than netflix..

joemayo763109d ago

definitely a step in the right direction