European Hardware Sales Charts Week Ending November 14th - Nintendo's continues to be most popular across Europe with Wii and DS leading the way in the latest hardware sales charts across the region. Sony's PS3 edges in front of the Xbox 360...

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Bumpmapping2925d ago

1. Wii: 292,000
2. DS: 275,000
3. PS3: 167,000
4. Xbox 360: 129,00
5. PSP: 89,000

kenjix2925d ago

Although this guy might want to look up when to use the edge.

Arsenal4Ever2925d ago

For some reason I don't believe those PS3 numbers. They're just way too low in my opinion. How can it be selling at the same rate since 2008?

myothercar2925d ago

First of all, according to VGChartz, PS3 sold 116k last year and 167k this year, so I don't know how you reached the conclusion it's not doing better than last year.

Second of all, OH YEAH- the supposed "internal" sales data sources this article's referencing... they just took credit for VGChartz's numbers.