Sony launching own Online Store. Too little too late?

As much as Microsoft's Ray Ozzie would like to disagree, it isn't all about the hardware. What users interact with in the mobile marketplace and even to some extent the traditional desktop based marketplace, it's all about the apps, 3rd party integration, and being connected to anything and everything.

After quarter after quarter of disappointing losses and bleeding money, Sony has announced at a management strategy meeting in Tokyo that they are going to try their own hand at this whole online market thing. At the conference, this online hub was referred to as the "Sony Online Service".

The items for sale will mimic Apple's App Store in that books, games, and music will be up for grabs. Another copy of the App Store isn't want anyone wants however, nor would they care about it. To set itself apart, Sony is looking to also allow users to upload personal content such as pictures and videos to their online profiles. It's kind of like a revamped, souped up Playstation Network with a social networking flare thrown in and a dash of Playstation Home. Will it work….?

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Nitrowolf23106d ago

how come its always sony with these article on 2 little 2 late. Well i will certainly check it out wen it launches, i like that idea thats it more then just a service to buy stuff, but its a social community where you can share pics and such.

nix3106d ago

for all the crap that DD is the future and all and how PS3 comes with Blu-ray which will soon die... i think, Sony is the one who's leading the way when it comes to DD with full games downloadable at PSN compared to MS. Warhawk, Burnout etc...

but yeah.. DD is only for the people with broadband.

GrandTheftZamboni3106d ago

No. You got it all wrong. The author is actually worried that Sony might loose money with this. Just look what he writes: "Can Sony do it? I would love to see it happen." Aaww... that's so sweet :)

darthv723106d ago

What is the current playstation store then if it isn't an "online store"? You can already access the store on a pc. If they mean to make it available to people on the go (not just psp go but phones) then a simple change to the existing store can fix that.

I think the psp just got an update to read ebooks/comics which will be available soon (if not already). I have always thought sony should offer music on their store. I mean really...why the F would they have music studios if not to make songs available for purchase to mobile phone and psp/ps3 users?

It is really the one corner of the market MS can't counter. MS doesnt own any music studios or movie studios for that matter. Sony owns both.

All I care about is if this will be subscription based or pay as you go.

Nitrowolf23106d ago

what they mean with online store is that its its own store (like MS store that just recently launch) where u can buy sony products like tv, console, ect. Music service and video service also. The ps store is online store but for games and movies fo the ps3/psp. This is intented for all users

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yoghurt3106d ago

ANOTHER add-on for the 3rd fastest selling console of all time, I see that as a great idea - not too little too late. But hey, I'm not the so called gaming journalists of today.

Dipso3106d ago

It seems the "journalists" have more questions than answers.."too little too late?".."Will it work?"
Eh if you don't know how the feck should anyone else?

deshon093106d ago

so funny that this always comes up do people really forget that sony is not just a gaming company if anything thay will have a much easier time because thay own their own movie and music studios
it is never to late if you own the content

ShinnokDrako3106d ago

"Another copy of the App Store isn't want anyone wants however"

How he knows what anyone wants? He knows every customers in the world?
Other than that, if this will be the subscription thing service i guess that players not interested in it won't pay and their lives will continue.
If there are interesting things instead... what's wrong in "copying the Apple's apps store"? If it's nice with nice things i think it's ok.
Or maybe there are the words "Sony" and "PS3", so we need the bad tone in the news (joking... or not..)