Did Infinity Ward Ship DLC with Modern Warfare 2?

Well over the last couple of days the PC guys have been finding all kinds of hidden code in the Modern Warfare 2 game. New gametypes mainly. There are three found so far, VIP, Global Thermonuclear War ( where one side must capture a nuke see vid below) Capture the Flag ( Single Flag, Two Teams).
Is it safe to assume that the public will unlock these new game types after a small payment is made to IW... Thoughts?

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Delta3018d ago

Thats sad if true. Their going to charge console gamers for this to no doubt. Its just a matter of pricing. I'm not buying it.

D4RkNIKON3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

I agree, after paying $60 for a COD4 expansion with little added.. A 4-5 hour campaign and features included on the disk that you have to pay more for to access? NO THANKS

AnttiApina3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

It's not a rumour... IT'S TRUE! I checked the files myself... There certainly are hidden gametypes... Why are they on the disc? I don't know

saint_john_paul_ii3018d ago

you would know the DLC is built in if the download for the DLC is less than 1.0mb.

StanLee3018d ago

Gametypes aren't DLC, they're probably playlists that will be updated in the future. Nice rants by some of you by the way.

Guido3018d ago

So now that Infinity Ward decides to do it it's just that much worse? It's been bad for the past few years and no matter who does it, it's still bad.

IdleLeeSiuLung3018d ago

Seeing traces of code that is disabled is NOT uncommon. Besides, MW2 is a very complete package so you have the choice to buy it or ignore it. So why complain?

I don't know why, but this generation has been all about ranting about how all these companies are exploiting us. Yet, this is exactly how it has been for ages. The difference, previously it was a buyers market and now it is a sellers market!

Companies first and foremost responsibility is to their shareholders. Customers are unfortunately a close second, but everything a company does is for the benefit of the company not charity.

Nihilism3018d ago

I don't care what platform you play on, if you buy this DLC, you are screwing yourself over, more people with get away with it as it becomes accepted. But the even sadder truth is that a lot of DLC is already ready at launch as well..they were just smart enough to not put it on the disk. I have no doubt the Dragon Age DLC was ready before they went gold. It was short, weak, and they already added the NPC dialogue option to buy it, to me that reeks of a scam.

Fallout 3 DLC was the only DLC where i'm sure they worked on it post game. They were all massive, even the first one added a solid 3 hours on as well as some extra goodies, I'm going to buy the GOTY just so I have them all on disk

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NateNater3018d ago

Only IW can get away with crap like this. They put something on the disc and make you pay more just to access it? Pathetic.

SuperStrokey11233018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

umm, you ever heard of capcom?

Either way the process of selling us DLC on the disk and then making us pay to unlock it is rediculious. Its like a car dealership selling us a car and then not giving us the key to the trunk, even though we know its there and we have already paid for it. Then later, at a time of THEIR choosing, they offer us the key to unlock the trunk in the vehicle we already paid for.

Its bs 100%

DruePhoenix3018d ago

you apparently don't read many articles on n4g

Ace Killa 083018d ago

the sad part is atm 6 ppl agree with this guy and they obviously never heard of capcom or Resident Evil 5

NateNater3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Yes I read a lot of articles on N4G. I don't remember all of them. I didn't know capcom had done something similar to this. I've never played or really cared too much for the Resident Evil games. Excuse me for not being up to date with some things.

ambientFLIER3018d ago

Nobody is making you pay anything for it, idiot. It's a rumor so far, and most likely not going to happen. But morons like you fall for it and cry a river on the internets...

NateNater3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Wow. What the hell crawled up you're a$$ ambient? As if you have the right to judge me? Back the fack off man. I didn't do sh!t to you. I'm entitled to my opinion. And how much do you want to bet it is going to happen? Heres some more info on it.

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Nitrowolf23018d ago

question, recently we recieved a playlist update, Were those game modes on the disc? cause we got 3 different type of gamemodes im curiouse to see if IW is willing to update the playlist in time with these gamemode or just go for the money and charge for them with map packs

SuperStrokey11233018d ago

You can hope all you want, just remember this is bobby kotick land...

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Ares84PS33018d ago

Capcom did this already. I'm sure many other companies did the same.

St03018d ago

Yep, EA included.

I hate it when game company's screw their customers over, they don't even care about us, all they want is mega bux

LeonSKennedy4Life3018d ago


Do you think McDonald's give a rat's arse whether you guys eat healthy or not? NO! They added salads and got rid of the super size so they would get more money.

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