Awesome Mario Paint Video Game Songs

resumeplay writes: "Who would have thought a game like Mario Paint could have a feature that gamers still use today. Searching around on the internet shows some amazing talent compiling some impressive songs using only the tools within this "painting" game."

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ambientFLIER3193d ago

"these are awesome"

That's what the title says.

NathanGra3194d ago

Man, this just reminds me how much I love and miss Mario Paint.

mau643194d ago

My favorite one is the Super Mario 64 one... love that song.

stoppre3194d ago

these are pretty sweet

mau643194d ago

I wish I could do things like this...

-GametimeUK-3194d ago

Its not that hard bro if you can get a hold of the sheet music

VenerableBmoney3194d ago

This game is a classic and a personal favorite. But even as an adult, I never could figure out the composing program. I always stuck to the Yoshi Coloring Book page when I wanted to feel good. :)

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