Google's New OS Runs On Metal Gear

Kotaku: In case you missed it, Google unveiled for the first time today their fancy new Chrome operating system. Why do we care? Because its debut trailer managed to sneak in a little Metal Gear, that's why.

Get to around the 1:49 mark of the clip and you'll see that somebody on the Chrome team likes their coffee. And their Kojima Productions crew. And we also find that Snake would be far more punctual, if only he subscribed to Google's particular brand of task management.

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pippoppow3189d ago

PC is an open arcitecture and is about time there will be an OS to compete against MS. Competition is good, right? Hopefully the days of MS' dominance in the PC OS arena will end soon. MS has gotten away with marginal improvements their OS for too long. I hope gaming becomes a focus and that Devs support both Windows and Chrome OS equally. Look at the competition between Nvidia vs ATI or AMD vs Intel. Competition has helped push those companies to new heights and will most likely have a similar affect with PC OS'.

darthv723189d ago

so what happened to linux all of a sudden?

I really would like to see more optional OS support for the "PC" segment. Being able to purchase a new PC with an OS of my choice would be nice. I would like a new Dell or HP but instead of windows I would like either Leopard or Mandrake or this new Chrome.

If cars can be made with options from color, interior, engine displacement and practically everything else...why can't a PC.

ezcex3189d ago

just build a pc yourself.

pippoppow3189d ago

but for the more tech savvy users. At least the last time I tried it a few years ago. Google Chrome OS is geared more for the mainstreram. Beautiful thing about the PC is it's customization and it would be nice to have another option other than Windows when buying a new PC. I'm sure Chrome OS will be cheaper to boot. I just hope PC gaming is a focal point which will help push the OS. I really want someone to duke it out nose to nose with MS. Kind of like when AMD first went against Intel. It's at least just another viable option. Yes options are great and it's the beauty of PCs.

Soldierone3189d ago

Omg I couldnt stop laughing, that is great! SNAKE BE ON TIME!

As for the OS if 7 didnt come out, id say this looked good. However its too basic and lacks the "looks interesting" display that 7 and Mac OS brought to their respective parties. I think Google needs to make it look better no matter how well it runs. To me its basically just google chrome the internet browser taking over your entire PC.