Stardock: Steam Has 70% Of PC Download Market

Stardock, publisher of Sins of a Solar Empire and owner of distribution service Impulse, said it believes Impulse rests in second place after Valve's popular Steam in the digital distribution rankings in terms of market share by revenue.

"Our estimation is that Steam - as the current market leader - enjoys approximately 70 percent of the overall digital distribution market with Impulse at 10 percent and all others combined at 20 percent in terms of actual dollars generated per month," wrote Stardock chief Brad Wardell in the company's customer report for 2009 [PDF], released this week.

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Saryk3161d ago

I agree. I own 103 games on Steam and 12 on Impulse. I also have about 10 on D2D (because of the 5 year anniversary). I like Impulse better but they just don’t have the deals or games on their platform.

evrfighter3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

and nobody knows how much money steam games bring in.

I've been saying this for awhile but Valve has a hen that lays golden eggs. If the industry found out how much revenue or sales steam brings in. I'll bet my left nut we'd see 100 more digital distribution platforms announced.

Here's an example of how much DD can bring in
I believe Sins of a Solar Empire cost Stardock less than $1 million to make.

They sold 500,000 in its first 2 months. At $29.00 this was
$14 MILLION dollars of pure profit ($1 million to cover development cost). Their only cost was a bandwidth charge to download which is probably a dime of every download.


$14 million dollars pure profit. TBH I'm being generous. I believe the game launched at $39.99.

This is from a company that says they only have 10% of the DD market. I can't even imagine how much games like HL2,TF2, or L4d have made Valve.

Perjoss3160d ago

I like the idea of steam and purchase some games on there myself, but what I dont understand is why many games sold on there are more expensive than the boxed versions, steam pricing is kind of broken in my opinion.

ThanatosDMC3160d ago

I like Steam. I wish PSN would implement the ability to buy "gifts" like steam. I'll buy some poor friends games we could play online...

OGharryjoysticks3161d ago

Stop asking for PS3 support. The bread gets buttered elsewhere and they don't care.

rawrockkillz3161d ago

Well Steam is better and Valve requires Steam to play their games for updates and such.

3161d ago
Nihilism3161d ago

That's great for valve, but it's a shame more people don't know about Impulse as well, it's just as easy to use as steam, but with Impulse don't need an 'offline mode', you can play the games without the client even, IMpluse is just used for updates etc. Also: games that you buy at retail by stardock etc, you can add them tyo the client and use Impluse for updates, whereas with steam if you buy retail, you can't add them to steam, you can only add a shortcut. Again with the retail boxes of stardock games, they don't even require you to have Impulse, you can just install and play, because they alsop release stand alone patches.

Stardock are cool cats, and they have my vote for the least restrictive games and DD service award.

There may be pirates, but there are far more honest people. Dragon Age didn't ship with any copy protection, just a disk check. It sure as hell didn't hurt the PC sales in any significant way, it would have just created a lot of pissed off legit customers.

Sins of a Solar Empire also rules, if you call yourself a PC gamer, you need to get it

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