Mozilla Responds To Firefox PS3 Rumors

Instead of speculating on the Firefox on PS3 rumors, PS3Center decided to contact Mozilla to find out the truth.

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lalalala3108d ago

Hmmm...I sense the failure is strong in this one (imnotgoodtenglish)

snaz273108d ago

cant view this site on the ps3 browser, which is pretty funny seen as its lol

Alcon Caper3108d ago

Mozilla's response: "Nope."

hay3108d ago

The response was:

"Nope - not sure how that rumor got started but it's been keeping us busy all day :)"

Come on, what would keep them busy all day?

tristanmike3108d ago

Probably every gaming news site/blog on the internets emailing them asking "R U COMINZ TO TEH pS3?"

uie4rhig3108d ago

it's not like either Mozilla or Sony gonna say "yes we do have plans for that" before they actually decide to announce it lol.. if Firefox is coming to PS3, they will keep denying it until Sony decides they want everyone to know (usually a few days before the firmware update)

fr0sty3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Dustin from PSInsider here... for the record, I apparently goofed when writing the rumor and said it was about porting firefox, when our source was quick to jump down my throat about having misused his/her words.

The original message the rumor was based on simply said reps from sony and mozilla had been meeting with each other, but said nothing about firefox (they could have simply been discussing ways to improve the ps3's current browser). I made the mistake of assuming it was in reference to firefox porting to PS3. But as another poster here said, even if it was, they wouldn't come out and say so until they had the green light from Sony to announce it.

So, the rumor isn't 100% dead just because they came out and denied it. However, I'll be the first to say that there was indeed no mention of firefox in the rumor. Sorry for the confusion, I've since made a correction post quoting our source's e-mail to clear up the confusion.

Our source often times speaks to us using riddles, making us figure out the rumors on our own (so they don't have to actually say anything, thus covering their butts a bit). in this case, they were being straight forward about it and I mistook this for another "game" of sorts where I had to fill in the blanks on my own. I read between the lines when I was not supposed to, which wound up causing me to have to eat a bit of crow.

So, I offer on behalf of PSInsider our humble apologies. We're no HHG... we take our reputation seriously and do not just post lies to get hits. We have a thriving online community, from which our forum generates the majority of our traffic. We're not starving for hits. We just happen to know someone very close to Sony who happens to speak in very vague and short messages sometimes, often making us guess what it is they are talking about (and replying with one letter answers like (y) or (n)). In this case, such translation wasn't required when I thought it was.

As for the other rumors they claimed to have busted on this site... the PSPgo price cut thing so far is the only thing I have not yet heard an official announcement for. The new PSN was indeed coming (remember the letters that went out to hong kong psn subscribers?), but got delayed and eventually became this subscription service we are all hearing about now (which I also mentioned in the rumors, go back and read them). Some retailers did indeed cut psp go's price, but none the less I'm willing to admit when we're wrong. that one did come out flat out wrong. the rest were right though. can't hit a home run every time, especially when it comes to rumors that are based on plans that could change at any moment.

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rawd3108d ago

I don't mind the PS3 Browser. It's not Firefox but it works pretty snappy

Monolith3108d ago

exactly, use it more and its basically like learning anything else, you learn to get the feel for it and understand it, i use it all the time for this site and the blog.

talltony3108d ago

your name is last place console but you have a picture of a ps3. Just doesnt make sense.

tehReaper3107d ago

Just accept that the PS brand isn't leading the race this time. Sony has had two successful generations of gaming. Last generation Sony stuck it to both Nintendo and Microsoft in sales AND quality. This time, MS and Nintendo aren't going to take it. Sony WILL be successful this generation, but it's going to take a lot of time. I don't think the PS3 will catch 360 in sales and I don't think either will surpass the Wii. One thing I bet on though, all companies will walk away with profit. That's what matters. Why? Because next generation, all three of the giants will be hungry for more and that means they're going to have to step it up. Gamers win.

I'm hoping for better hardware from Microsoft, and a PSN interface from Sony that doesn't underwhelm. Nintendo, I just want it to be competitive with MS and Sony.

insomnium3107d ago

C'mon it'll be fun when it comes back and bites him in the ass in a year or so. Good times.

talltony3107d ago

You don't count the xbox 360's 1 year head start without any competition and realize that the ps3 has been outselling it by quite a huge margin lately and then consider how many working 360's are actually still out there.

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