Gamasutra Interview: Capy Talks Critter Crunch, Mobile Horrors

Capy is a small independent game studio from Toronto, now 23 people strong. I met most of the company's founders at the 2003 GDC as OkayFun -– a small team with a very odd idea for a game (competitive skydiving), and no development experience, but a lot of heart and intelligence.

Since those days, the company became Capybara, and released a number of games on mobile devices over the years -– some of which were great, but none of which anyone actually played.

Now, the company has reached its fully evolved incarnation as Capy, the studio behind Critter Crunch for the iPhone and PSN, and the upcoming Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes, the best DS puzzle/RPG hybrid that nobody's heard of.

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