Eurogamer: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Hands On

Jumping from Modern Warfare 2 to Bad Company 2 isn't recommended. While both are broadly similar in concept - modern military shooters set in an imaginary land war between America and Russia - the difference in style couldn't be more pronounced. Infinity Ward's big-bollocked blockbuster has the bone-rattling volume and GRAAAAAGH KILLING SPREE! adrenaline rush, but try those bombastic Hollywood heroics over in DICE's theatre of war and you'll be shot to ribbons before you can say "danger close".

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raztad3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Control and movement - wise this game is middleground between KZ2 and MW2.

KZ2' fans, as myself, will fell at home with BC2. Graphics are not much better than BC1's, there is not a huge improvement as I was expecting, but the gameplay it's very promising.

@anzagi bellow

I too feel controls are right. I actually loves them but I'm sure MW fans will feel uncomfortable with the way this game plays. Well, if you read the Eurogamer impressions they said that too.

dgroundwater3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

"Control, too, is an area that could benefit from attention come crunch time. Movement feels heavy, especially where sideways motion is concerned..."

Yep, I'm likely screwed. A multiplayer shooter should not be heavy in the aiming. I could barely tolerate Far Cry 2 on the 360 because of this. Say what you will about "realism", but it's directly at the cost of precision.

Elvfam5113165d ago

I think the graphics are way more improved than the first one

The controller layout is just perfect for me

Hopefully they put the new modes in the beta

yoghurt3165d ago

I think the controls are just right - I have to say raztd, I thought the graphics had quite a upgrade? more so that MW1 - MW2 for sure, and of course this is beta stage (I think the devs called it alpha alpha stage) so room for more polish.