What Needs to Change About Avatars

Resumeplay writes: "So, let me guess: you don't like your avatar. Or, maybe you think they look just like you, but the clothes are off. Maybe you just wish there were actually cool clothes. I'm kinda all of the above, so I've compiled a list of things I want to see happen with Avatars. Microsoft, if you're reading, please take note."

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Andi_Bailey3161d ago

Ya ya, keep rippin' off the Mii's

brandynevils3161d ago

agree, I want more clothes and animation.

NathanGra3161d ago

That avatar looks a lot like you, actually, Brandy. At least the customization is pretty spot on.

mau643161d ago

It looks a lot like her, I like mine besides the beard they have... doesn't really match up.

darthv723161d ago

i want more games that use the avatar. Looking forward to joyride.

rockleex3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

The bottom of an Avatar's shoes. :P

Rumor3161d ago

the metro sexual, weight-shifted-to-the-left look needs to change also

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Chinny19853161d ago

I'm shocked that they have yet to release a Master Chief outfit, it would sell by the bucket load I'm sure. Not that I think it is cool or anything.

I hate the whole concept of paying for anything for my avatar and will never do so. I want more avatar awards in games.

mau643161d ago

agree, I never see myself paying for anything like that, unless they decide to use the avatar stuff more than they do now.

SixZeroFour3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago ) just glad that they introduced avatar awards, the odst set was pretty awesome, im sporting the odst helmet (not cause my mug is ugly, although it is pretty hard to make a convincing filipino avatar, or an asian one for that matter)and hoodie along with my guilty spark sidekick

as for masterchief sure they are prolly saving that for the REACH set

Dorwrath3161d ago

Pretty much guaranteed that you will see a master Chief avatar come the time Reach is released.

Baross20253161d ago

I wish they were a bit more customizable.

VenerableBmoney3161d ago

No matter what they do, it'd be impossible to make everyone happy. But I've always been looking for interaction like pulling up a friends gamertag (or a random player's)and seeing their avatar. I never use the "friends" channel, so I never really see what anyone is actually wearing....

IdleLeeSiuLung3161d ago

If you look at some of the outfits, they look very feminine. Especially the stance.

SixZeroFour3161d ago

i agree with you idle...i mean some of the FULL outfits are awesome, but they make it like skin tight with makes it look unappealing

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