'Sony iTunes' coming early 2010

Kaz Hirai says getting new online service out to consumers in Q1 would be 'preferable'

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ll_UNDERSCORE_ll2944d ago

Sony's starting to flex their media muscle. There has been so many announcements in the past few days for the PSN community to look forward to. Amazing. I can't wait.

Dutch Boogie2944d ago

Yeah Sony has been killing it lately with the announcements. They seem very confident and they are on the highway to success. I can't wait to see what they have in stock for us.

MaximusPrime2944d ago

bubble for you. (back to 5 bubbles)
I agreed. Sony is awesome.

Christopher2943d ago

I love Sony, but doing this may be stretching themselves too thin. I at least hope they don't have plans to use more proprietary files and storage mediums, because that would spell doom from the get-go. Still pissed how expensive it is to get PSP flash cards compared to standard SD cards.

Guido2943d ago

If that is the case then I am a happy camper. Free online play and downloadable movies and music. Kudos Sony for making the PSN a place I want to hang out and spend my money and play games with my friends for free.

kalebgray922943d ago

now thats something ill use....M$ for sure wont get this apple hates M$

vhero2943d ago

an itunes rival?? Hmm sony already had one of these a few years back I forget the name and it failed horribly I am surprised they are trying again but I guess failure teaches you things. I would love a subscription on this imagine unlimited mp3 songs on ps3 for a flat monthly fee and streaming them while playing your games through a playlist?? The possibility's are endless. Sony are really going places with the PS3 MS are using existing stuff (Sony Eye clone/twitter/etc..)

Foliage2943d ago

I think you are talking about "Sony Connect".

This is much better.

harrisk9542943d ago

would be if they could somehow integrate some of these new features into Home... it would give people a reason to use the service.

whoelse2943d ago

Surprised it still isn't here to be honest. Sony should have had a head start with their own music company.

Still, hope this arrives soon and prices are competitive.

ArmrdChaos2943d ago

Are these downloads also going to include rootkits? Will be curious to see which road they take with DRM.

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SnakeOnaPlane2943d ago

Very interesting indeed.
i have a feeling 2010 is gunna be heavily focused on the PSN,and the PSN community,witch is DEF awesome imo.

i would really really love for them to implement a game renal service.. that might be one of the premium services sony was talking about,witch in that case (depending on price) i will be looking into it. :)

table2943d ago

All these new features coming and to be honest, I don't really give a sh!t. Never gonna use them, I just wanna play games on the ps3. Suppose you can't complain, it's better to have the option than have no option.

claney2943d ago

And lucky for you thats one of the first things they implemented on the PS3, was the abiltiy to play games, so your set anything else is extra then i guess.

neogeo2943d ago

MEGATON! I mean itunes is massive! Us gamers might not use it as much but the casual sure do!

Darkeyes2943d ago

It's not iTunes, but a rivaling service like iTunes... There is a huge difference mate.... It's like saying you got an iPod and other guy saying he got a mp3 player like iPod... If it were iTunes, this would have been a huge MEGATON, but still pleased that Sony is taking steps in the right direction... Next up I can predict an App store like the one Apple has or like PS3 miniS...

jeanm33062943d ago

I hope their store is open to all device, not just sony product but to all mp3 players. that would be huge advantage to sony over itune store.

kalioon2943d ago

make a subscription service, with unlimited downloads of drm free, high bitrate files, in a decent format, and i will love it!

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