5 Most Offensive Games Ever

MyGaming writes:

"Offence is the burden of the offended, really. Well, usually. Some stuff is just so offensive, it's definitively offensive. Like Paris Hilton's continued existence, perhaps, or rap or New Balance trainers.

Games, of course, are certainly no strangers to furious controversy – Modern Warfare 2's been courting moral panic with You Know, That Thing just the last two weeks or so. But You Know, That Thing (and all those other murder simulators corrupting our tender youth) has nothing on these"

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BabyStomper50003045d ago

RapeLay (2006)

So running with the general theme of rape then, and Illusion Soft's RapeLay sees protagonist-antagonist Kimura Masaya stalking and raping a mother and her two daughters, aged 16 and 10. And...well, that's about it, really. Oh, it's also possible to get someone pregnant, which results in one of the game's “bad” endings. The lesson learned here? Try the 10-year old next time, stupid.


iamtehpwn3045d ago

I personally recommend Schoolmate and Artificial Girl 3.

Darkstorn3045d ago

Left Behind and RapeLay were pretty offensive, not to mention Ethnic Cleansing.

Guido3045d ago

Where the heck is ET or Superman 64 on that list? Not there? Epic fail if you ask me.

boyd183044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Just remove the 1 and make it a i instead for the real url.

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Baliw3045d ago

telling rap or new balances shouldnt exist.

Anyway... where's carmaggedon?

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creeping judas3045d ago

I was offended by Beautifull Katamari, don't ask me why, but it offended my senses!!!

The 7yr old back then just loved it???

FishCake9T43045d ago

The only good thing about that game is that the people playing it are likely to be on their computers.

djfullshred3045d ago

Just goes to show there are a lot of creepy wierdos out there in the world. You are right. I hope they stay inside in front of their computers instead fo living out there twisted criminal fantasies. Yikes.

Darkstorn3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

I agree. The catharsis therorum (that you have to 'act out' violence or sex to 'get them out of your system'), has been proven wrong countless times. I suppose it's better for sick people to get their fix virtually, though.

hay3045d ago

Well, imagine that few people playing RapeLay could be raping now in real life. I prefer them playing the game IMO.

stephen20053045d ago

I don't know why everyone thinks the sick people that find rape to be "fun", will just play this game and be done.

Chances are that if you're that sick, a game alone wouldn't be enough. Heck it may make you want to commit the crime even more, how are we to say one way or the other?

Any game that allows you to rape a mother and her children is offensive. Let's be real here.

MEsoJD3045d ago

rape is an exciting sex fantasy(Especially in japan). My girlfriend likes to role play sometimes. Pretty crazy :p

Really GTA or any game with killing should be more shocking but where sooo use to violence that we embrace it instead of shun it like other countries. Other countries like to emphasize sex and I mean cmon which would you prefer???

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