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The latest EDGE review scores include Bayonetta, Modern Warfare 2, The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, Dragon Age: Origins, Assassin's Creed 2, and Left 4 Dead 2.

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Valay3164d ago

To be honest, I wasn't sure that EDGE would hand out a perfect score for Bayonetta, but really, I'm surprised. I also thought that Spirit Tracks would end up receiving a slightly lower score from the magazine.

immortal843164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

But Dragon Age a 5 out of 10? It's very low for this epic RPG. Also, Assassin's creed 2 deserve a 9 or 10.

Valay3164d ago

Not sure what's up with the low score for Dragon Age.

Rikitatsu3164d ago

Reviews for Bayonetta so far:

Famitsu: 40/40
EDGE: 10/10
Eurogamer: 9/10
Nowgamers: 9.3/10

Everyone agrees its an AAA title, hopefully haters can shut up now.

SuperM3164d ago

And no, it has nothing to do with their bayonetta review.

PirateThom3164d ago

Having actually played the Bayonetta demo... unless there's something drastically different about the final game... ugh. It's just Devil May Cry with even less rewarding combat.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3164d ago

9 for MW2? LOL!

Since EDGE is usually very harsh on games, MW2 should receive a 4.

Noctis Aftermath3164d ago

a 10 for bayonetta and a 5 for dragon age origins? full of fkn fail.

crck3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

A 5 for Dragon Age is laughable. Its probably one of the best gaming experience I've had this year. I'm 80 hours in and still haven't finished it. Just taking my time and enjoying all the game has to offer. And a 9 for L4D2? Ok whatevers...

HolyOrangeCows3164d ago

Of COURSE Bayonetta is perfect.

I mean, this is EDGE and Bayonetta is one of the few "ZOMGZ TEH BETTR MULTIPLATS!" that the xbox has left...

callahan093164d ago

I really can't help but notice that they've given a 9 out of 10 to both Left 4 Dead games, and now to Modern Warfare 2, and yet they gave a 7 to Killzone 2 and a 6 to Resistance 2. Just strikes me as wrong. Somebody remind me again how the hell they justified that 7 for Killzone 2? And how do those same standards seem to go completely out the window for MW2 and L4D2?

raztad3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )


EDGE reviews are worthless.

They handed out a lot of nines this year, to xbox exclusives or games very close to MS best interests. "OMGZZ where is teh innovationzz" when game is from Sony.

Bayonetta is worth a try though, not because EDGE says so but because it's from the guy that made the original DMC. Later on the year when it drops in price, I dont support shoddy ports.

Information Minister3164d ago

I really don't understand all the praise that Bayonetta is getting. I played the demo once and deleted it right after. To me it feels like another DMC clone and I really couldn't get into the art style and all the lame sexual innuendo. Maybe I'm just getting old, but this game is way to much catered to the 14 year-old boys out there for my taste. Guess I'm not a part of the target audience.

Also, a 5 for Dragon Age and then a 9 for L4D2 is plain wrong and just what I'd expect from Edge. Half the time their review scores express the complete opposite of my opinion, the other half they just flip a coin.

andron6663164d ago

EDGE review scores are all over the place, as usual. They gave Borderlands 6 last issue. Also last issue they gave Ratchet and Clank: A Crack In Time a 7, and Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising an 8...

Ravage273164d ago

reason why Bayonetta got a perfect score - those monkeys learnt that the PS3 port isn't up to par, hence they jacked up the score by a good 3-4 points in yet another lame attempt to trick ps3 owners into thinking that we're missing out on SOOOOO much

reason why Dragon Age got a 5, exactly half of Bayonetta - those monkeys learnt that the PS3 port is superior to their preferred console, hence they tried to do damage control with another lame attempt in dissing the game, telling their 360 fans 'heh it turns out to be crap, who cares?'

Edge must really think their readers are retards(they probably are), anyone with half a brain can see their agenda.

StanLee3164d ago

Bayonetta got a 10 from Edge?! O_o And finally someone agrees with me about Dragon Age: Origins. What a dated game. I swear, if it wasn't made by BioWare it would be panned. The game is so antiquated and derivative.

Homicide3164d ago

EDGE are not biased. You guys are just butthurt that they don't think some PS3 exclusives are the best thing since slice bread like you all claim they are.

Christopher3164d ago


TnA + action = Awesome!

Story + group combat = Mediocre!

Yeah, I have no freaking clue how Edge reviews games, but they need to go through a complete wipe of their current employees and hire some that actually know something about games.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3164d ago

Dont want to seem like a fanboy but EDGE does seem pretty hypocritical. Justifying a 7 for KZ2 because it wasnt original then giving MW2 a 9.

I dont really trust any reviews nowadays especially on big games.

TROLL EATER3164d ago

ofcourse high reviews are for xbox 360 version.

marinelife93164d ago

Edge gives Bayonetta a higher score than the potential consensus game of the year Uncharted 2. They make zero sense.

Rampant3164d ago

the version of Dragon Age they reviewed was the 360-version. Dragon Age runs great on my computer but I don't think I would have enjoyed playing the console version of the game.

Marceles3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

I wouldn't give Bayonetta a 10, but it's a great game that does improve on DMC.

I bought the PS3 version when it launched, and btw there's way more stuff to do on the retail version that isn't on the demo. "Buh buh demo boring...buh buh framerate issues", wait until you play the actual game, you know the demo doesn't give you everything, and the game plays more like a DMC/Viewtiful Joe hybrid. Where's the freakin' gamers anymore? some games and stop just talking about them and having N4G articles cloud your mind up.

The game also gets real serious later on, it's not all girl-sings-pop-music-in-backgr ound-while-girl-with-big-rack- a nd-guns-moans-and-kills-angels . If anyone has played the PSN game Flower, the game changes like that...where you think it'll be the same thing over and over and then the later levels get epic toward the end.

And yeah...the 5 for Dragon Age is BS

edit: and yeah I agree with marinelife too

ico923164d ago

why is it that just about every 360 exclusive that has been released this year that has been getting 8's EDGE is one of the few gaming publications that scores them 9's yet with the ps3 almost all its exclusves are getting 9's and above EDGE always ends up giving them 8's and 7's ? hmm thats kinda odd

and a 5/10 for dragon age one of the very few rpg's we see every year in the gaming industry thats is actually great and a 9 for cod MW2 one of the many generic FPS we see every MONTH in the gaming industry

Nikuma3163d ago

Sorry but Bayonetta looks badass. I can't wait for it to come out as it looks to be better than any action game thus far.

ThanatosDMC3163d ago

They just fapped around while playing the game? Dragon's Age didnt give them that pleasure... i guess.

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Pumbli3164d ago

IMO Edge reviews are usually just full of BS and crap. These scores are full of fail, which is just what I expect from Edge.

I'd rather trust a 2 year old or 4chan to review games.

velcry3164d ago

When I read reviews, I want to hear what an experienced games journalist has to say about the strengths and the flaws in a game.

Heck, I'm about to plonk down $60 bucks for it, I want to hear someone brave enough to tell me what he thinks is wrong with it. I don't want some fanboy gushing to me about how great and lovely it is.

If I wanted that, I'll just come to the N4G open zones more often.

Pug3164d ago

EDGE - "When I read reviews, I want to hear what an experienced games journalist has to say"


ReservoirDog3163164d ago

I suppose that's true. But edge is just way too harsh to be taken seriously. When I want a tough but fair review, I go to IGN Australia. They never give free passes to games, yet they don't go and give them a 5/10.

Tough enough to see the actual problems but fair enough to believe them.

To wrap it up and go to sleep, don't trust edge.

Night everyone.

Valay3164d ago

For me, when I hear people complaining about EDGE, it seems to be related to the harshness of the scores.

Darkeyes3164d ago

Trusting Edge for reviews is like taking Yatchee's advice (the zero punctuation guy) as a real advice. 5 for Dragon Age SERIOUSLY!!!! And I wouldn't even mind it if there was some consistency... Just take this times score for example... AC2 8!!!! The game is absolutely superb!!!!! It packs in a good 20 hours, good graphics, good story and really satisfying combat, I can even say it's the best open world game this year and you give it 8!!!!

And then the usual 9 for a so called 360 exclusive and 9 for MW2.... People may call me a fanboy and jump on me, but what the hell does L4D2 innovate to get a 9 (even MW2 in that case)... And these guys have the audacity to give KZ2 a 7 and say it didn't innovate anything... Heck KZ2 had more content then both the games put together....

In short take edges review with a pinch of salt. Frankly they are the most biased form of reviewers I have seen who have no shame in displaying that. A 5 for DAO REALLY EDGE!!!!!! Maybe the devs forget to send their 'Goody' bags to you...

andron6663164d ago

I don't know if it's a good thing with reviews you don't agree with even half the time...

Ravage273164d ago

biased reviewers are NEVER relevant. PS3 owners would have missed out on so much had they listened to those f#$king monkeys

jessupj3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

I'd love to do an interview with edge and confront them about their blatant fanboy double standards and ask the hard questions, unlike a lot of gaming interviewers that p*ssy foot around.

So edge, I see you gave kz2 a 7 and justified it because of the 'lack of anything new' in the game, yet you gave lfd2 and mw2 a 9. Can you explain to me why the obvious fanboy double standards?

I'd rip them a new one in that interview.

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IronFistChinMi3164d ago

Can't wait to play this, as the reviews it's been getting are incredible. Very surprised about the 5 for Dragon Age, I'll still get it though. I'm just waiting till it gets to the £20-25 mark, as I don't tend to like Medieval style games, even though this one is made by Bioware!

megakizz3164d ago

what 5 for dragon age did they even play it?

meetajhu3164d ago

OMg bayonetta 10. I'm so getting it for ma 360!