Modern Warfare movie? It's coming

VGarabia: In an interview session with Jesse Stern, Modern Warfare 2 scriptwriter, he told that Infinity Ward and Activision are having an interest to bring the hugely popular franchise to the big screen.

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immortal842925d ago

There is a lot of potential here. What do think guys?

alaa2925d ago

with lots of special effects and great scenes.

BabyStomper50002925d ago

It will be directed by Micheal Bay and gross billions!

jammy_702925d ago

a good story line and interestion characters!

komp2925d ago

What a boring film it will be.

It will be a film about campers and nade launchers.

hardcore19122925d ago

I don't think so. But the movie will cost a lot of money to make

Dutch Boogie2925d ago

Ok kids the milk wagon is here. Choose your flavor.