LittleBigPlanet review (Resolution Magazine)

Resolution Magazine writes: "While many games succeed through huge explosive cut-scenes or set-pieces, LittleBigPlanet plods along gently, providing warmth wherever it goes while never sounding quite as wondrous in words as it actually is. The imagination shown in the levels seems almost limitless, and there's no doubt that the more you play, the more impressed you will be by the small touches that come together to form such a well-rounded game. Due to its strong similarities to the PS3 version, it won't convert those who didn't get along with the concept the first time around. But if, like me, you do have a soul and a love of fun and quirky gaming, this purchase is a complete no brainer. You'll be grinning from ear to ear, without a doubt. It's just a shame there's no multiplayer to keep you hooked indefinitely."

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