Persona 3 Portable PSN sales data revealed

Sales for Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable on the Playstation Network pales in comparison to the retail UMD version.

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blitz06233103d ago

This game needs to be localized in North America and Europe

Reibooi3102d ago

Indeed it does. I would think that Atlus will announce it for the US early next year. I would bet my money that they are already working on the game but are waiting a bit so people won't have to wait as long once it's announced.

As far as these sales go. This is just more proof to me that Digital Distribution is not gonna take over. If a popular game like Persona 3 could not sell alot in a country that's FAR more technically advanced then the US then it's just not gonna happen.

Elven63102d ago

I would have expected it to do better than that especially in Japan given how more "hip" the Japanese generally are to newer technologies and the install base. Good to see the UMD's are selling though, would be funny if the Go was simply a device meant to show the world how much they love UMD's. :p

Gago3102d ago

Wow DD sure made hard copies obsolete LOL!

Polluted3102d ago

Meh. I'd rather just buy it online, but they (and by they I mean everyone who's involved with DD) really need to start lowering prices. I mean they don't have to pay for discs or shipping or split their profits with the retailers, so they're making a crap-tonne more money than they do with normal retail, but what do we get out of it? Nothing. If anything, stuff costs more through DD because there are rarely any sales and there's almost no competition.

PirateThom3102d ago

It's a balancing act though.

Although they don't have to worry about store profits for the downloads, they do have to take them into consideration for other business (which is where the PSP Go complaints came from - no return for stores after point of sale, higher price to increase store profit margin).