RTS players "have very little balance in their life" - C&C4 Producer

Are you an RTS fan? Then you should probably take a deep breath before reading on.

Command & Conquer 4 producer Raj Joshi has said that he thinks "some (RTS players) have very little balance in their life", and that dominating another person in a videogame is their world.

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jakethesnake3190d ago

The more they talk about this game, the less fun it sounds.

I was excited for C&C 4 - but I hated the idea of a constant internet connection required.

Plus, why the need to rip on your fan base?

redsquad3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

Why pick on RTS gamers? To hear some of the posturing rubbish I've heard spouted by FPS players (as just one example), I'd say a lot of them have issues too.