Team Teabag: Forza 3 Review

Forza 3 falls just short of what it tries to achieve. Everything appears more polished than Forza 2 and this includes the addition of a little more style to the undoubted substance the series is known for. The cars and scenery look beautiful. The sound delivers everything you'd expect from a racing game. The career mode offers decent variety which is the result of having a huge selection of cars on offer and different races associated with them. The main issue for is that Team Teabag had more fun with Need for Speed Shift.

Hardcore simulation fans out there may consider such a statement to be blasphemy. They can assure you that just last year they would have shared such a view but how things have changed. They highly recommend this to fans of more realistic racing games but, as with the previous titles in the series, it'll be less appealing to those who value instant entertainment over realism.

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