Gamestop Guarantees Trade In Credit For New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Left 4 Dead 2

If you beat games and never touch them again Gamestop has a promotion for you. The retailer promises to buy back all copies of New Super Mario Bros. Wii for $30 if you purchase it from them, online, and trade it in by December 20, 2009. They're offering a similar promotion for Left 4 Dead 2 where you get $40 back if you trade it in by the same date.

In both cases, you're spending $20 plus tax to "borrow" a game for a little over a month.

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Polluted2949d ago

It's a good deal by a Gamestop standard, but that's not saying much.

I'm not one of those Gamestop haters or anything, but the "deals" they offer on used games are atrocious. Why not just buy the game brand new for $5 more and support a dev?

I actually bought a new copy of Dead Rising there once and it was EXACTLY the same price as the used ones they had.

BX812949d ago

I agree! Plus nothing pisses me off more than buying a new game that is opened already but if you trade in a completely sealed game brand new they can only take it in as used! WTF is wrong with that pic?

The Matrix2949d ago

If you go to Gamestop's black friday sale you can get L4D 2 for $40. Play it for a month and get your money back.

Feral Gamer2949d ago

This isn't really news, they did something similar with Halo ODST and a few other titles.

TruthbeTold2949d ago

Those are the only recent games that I find have personal replay value for me. I'm not much into MW2.

GumBo2949d ago

gamefly also does this

ForNgoods2949d ago

I dont see why people are constantly trading game back to gamestop for a fraction of what you've purchased it for. There's a growing trend of gamers with the mentality of "well i've beaten it and dont intend to play it again so i'll just sell it back to gamestop." If this is how you game then the most cost effective thing you could do is get a gamefly account and you could save literally hundreds of dollars a year. Think of all the other stuff you could do with that money instead of pissing it away at gamestop.

NecrumSlavery2949d ago

Does the Edge card and other promotions work with this deal?
Cause new games get $30 anyway. $25 plus $5 from Edge's 10%