Rumor: PS4 Gets Unequalled Graphics

"The PlayStation 4 shall use a high end variant of the 6 Series line. Performance, specifications and features are at this time unknown. Performance, specifications and features are unknown at this time. The Series 6 shall receive an official announcement from IMGTEC sometime in 2010, with initial models targeting the smartphone and netbook sector.

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alphakennybody3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

its official,that headline picture is mow officially the ps4

damn right its gonna sell like my momma's homemade cookies!

euchreprof3162d ago

cuz that sucker is gonna for sure be sold out on day 1 and my momma didn't raise no fool.

Zedux3162d ago

if MS doesn't pull out this gen I really see them going broke in the next gen! Imagine having to buy your hardware from 3rd parties and not having blu-ray in it! LOL On the other hand the PS4 will just blow minds awaY!!!

Saaking3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

We can trust Sony will yet again deliver with the PS4. That is why gamers trust the PlayStation brand. It IS the gamers' console and always will be. I will buy the PS4 day 1 no questions asked. PS1, PS2, and PS3, all great consoles, I'm sure PS4 and so on will follow in their steps.

markfrost3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Microsoft's games division has been profitable since 2008. Also, how would they go broke when they have the largest technology company and billions in cash backing them? The Xbox is not going anywhere. And yes, we all know they aren't profitable overall yet (because of hardware), but why would they back out now? LOL

None of the companies in the big 3 are going anywhere anytime soon for that matter.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3160d ago

Gotta love N4G.

It's the only place on the planet where people seriously think that Microsoft may drop out of the game console business.

If that isn't delusional, I don't know what is. lol

raztad3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Dont get me wrong guys, I dont want any new PS to buy anytime soon. There are a lot to be squeezed out of the PS3. KZ2-> UC2-> HEavy Rain->GoW3->GT5->
R3->TLG, etc etc. Sony is pushing hard the envelope with its games.

Meanwhile I'm gonna build a good PC for some multiplats. I'm getting tired of half-assed multiplat ports. Not to mention that multiplats look way better on PC.

For me PS4 = "PS3 + good PC".

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Traveler3160d ago

Give me a break. I love my PS3, but anybody that thinks Microsoft is in danger of leaving videogames is simply not in touch with the reality of the industry. The Playstation 3 hasn't been profitable for Sony yet either, but that doesn't mean that they will be leaving the video game market.

Whether some of you realize it or not, we NEED competition.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )


On a side note, has Sony confirmed whether the PS4 will support rumble right out of the box, or will separate controllers be released a year down the road? :D

Bloodraid3160d ago

Why is this even being talked about? The PS3 is still really young and has still not been 'maxed' out. Why even start talking about a PS4 already?

Armyless3160d ago

Kojima was on to something when the Cell was innovated.

Tell you what... PS4 is easy....

Stack the Cells. One Cell controls 8 Cells as though they were SPE's

isn't this the future of exponential growth?

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MEsoJD3160d ago

talk about the ps4 right now??? Its still awhile off.

Consoldtobots3160d ago

"billions in cash backing them?"

I love fanboy logic, it makes for great comedy. Im sure MS shareholders would LOVE to have you run the company into the ground by pumping a even more money into a market you are not even winning.

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Guido3160d ago

So it will be like the PS3 is today? Unequaled graphics? Sounds like Sony is up to their usual business model of making the consumer happy again. Kudos.

STK0263160d ago

yeah, cause the PS3 has better graphics than the PC right?

I know, someone will come out and say that this is about consoles and that the PC has to be upgraded every now and then and cost much more than a console. We all know that. But when someone says "unequaled graphics", it suggests that it offers better graphics than pretty much anything else, which we know won't really be the case due to the usual console model; modified version of an older generation GPU, lack of shared memory.

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raztad3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )


You right about the whole PC visuals > PS3's, though PS3's are incredibly good and getting better by the day (exclusives). However that comes at a price.

Searching for a good graphic card for my custom built gaming PC, I found the ATI 4870 ($150+) , half the price of a PS3, but it's considered a good value. Problem is that card is getting "old" pretty quickly.

If you want to have the "edge" you need to go with an ATI 5970 ($600+) or Nvidia GTX 295 ($550+). Only the graphic card is twice the price of a PS3.

STK0263160d ago

Yeah, I know it's more expensive, and I also acknowledge the fact that consoles in general, but mostly the PS3, are great value, as they provide good to great graphics with a very low price tag.

My only gripe with the article is the title, unequaled shouldn't be used in this context, as it's not true, unless you add "among consoles" after it, or something similar. In the early WWII, Germany's army was unequaled, as it was the best there was, and by quite a large margin that is.

Also, I believe it would be wise to wait for the competition to announce something before saying that one console will be the best graphically. While Nintendo will likely go with an inexpensive console similar to the Wii, Microsoft might try to get their act together and release an easy to develop for, powerhouse. Of course, we probably won't know for atleast another year.

teh cellz3160d ago

I doubt the ps4 will be arriving anytime soon. The PS3 is just getting started and has finally had one good year. Plus Sony is still losing hundreds on each console sold. They are going to wait until 2011 E3 at the earliest or TGS 2011 to unveil the PS4. It wont likely release until 2012-2013 though.

gaffyh3160d ago

We already failed the source article of this story for fake information. The source article is a BLOG that has only posted Sega news for the part few months, and decided to post Sony news for some reason? How would such a no name website get such a huge WORLD EXCLUSIVE?

Simple, it wouldn't, hence this information is fake.

Guido3159d ago

Oh look, an insecure PC nerd. Sorry, but since this is about consoles I'll stick to talking about the only gaming platform that matters these days. PC gaming is for the few while console gaming is where gaming is at these days.

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ThanatosDMC3159d ago

It looks super stylish if it does look like that.... but geez, i thought it was gonna be implanted somewhere in our upper brain stem to disrupt reality and let us fly and whatnot.

elpresador3159d ago

if you follow the logic of what Kutagari said about the launch of the ps3 at $599

Lightsaber3159d ago

This remind me of this video

f7897903159d ago

MS would design their own high capacity disc drive system. Then buy bluray addons, package them up nicely, and sell them for a 100% profit.

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SixZeroFour3162d ago

engrish, it was real difficult reading that

dragonelite3162d ago

Lol this isnt even from sony this dutch article has fanboy written all over it.

I know the source of this rumor it a sh!tty site.
no sources no conformations


A discussion going on about this rumor

And if its officially from sony then please dont blow this out of proportions like they did with the cell processor.

RememberThe3573161d ago

and this : is that this is labeled as a rumor, which it is.

It's also not hard to believe. Sony seems to like packing cutting edge tech in their PlayStations.