GameZone: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex Review

GameZone writes: "You're a highly trained government soldier operating under strict orders to shoot and eliminate anything that moves in this sector. But there's a problem. You can't seem to hit anything. For some reason it's taking you much longer to line up your targets and by the time you do you've sprayed bullets all around them and now have to reload and start the process all over again. Two years ago on nearly a carbon copy of this mission you deftly marched through the city streets and none survived. So what's changed? Oh yeah, the Wii remote."

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blastermaster773109d ago

What is wrong with the review is the part that he states that the only thing that changed is the controls and that he struggle with them WHAT!? are you kidding me! The wii remote is far superior to the dual analog stick, if fact it almost as accurate as the pc mouse, I bet he did not try to calibrate it so he could have perfect aiming and I bet he has never beaten a wii fps before that is why he is not used to it. Remember when you used a pc mouse for the first time? the cursor was all over the place until you got used to it right? is the same thing with the wii remote! one word of advice get used to it first and the come back. I want to see when the other consoles get their motion sensing controllers specially the almost carbon copy form Sony, and you will see the praising like ¨Oh god the controls are awesome!" I see it coming they are just ignorant and just because the game does not have good hd graphics they are not willing to play it! A final word, The wiiremote like controllers will be standard get used to it.

EvilTwin3109d ago

Agreed. The controls are the strongest part of the game -- the visuals take a hit, there's no voice chat, there are fewer players in matches.

I think the great controls make up for all of that. You can aim down the scope halfway across the map and quickly take someone out with a headshot -- that's with a light machine gun, not a sniper rifle.

If the controls feel too twitchy, set the bounding box bigger, lower your camera turn speed and lower the cursor sensitivity (honestly, I don't think the cursor should be set above 15, but it goes to 40 if you feel like having a super-twitch scheme).

Eh, some people are just used to dual analog, and aren't going to stand for anything else. To be fair, to people who started gaming last gen with Halo or Killzone, it's understandable if they're used to DA. But for the Unreal/Quake/Half-Life crowd, DA has always been a compromised setup.