How Steam Is the Best Platform

Gaming Union writes: "At the Montreal International Game Summit, Jason Holtman, the director of business development from Valve, spoke in a conference about how the online distribution service of Steam has worked over the last couple of years, and sent a warning to the rest of the industry of how change is required to suit an ever demanding public.

One of the main points that Holtman argued is that an open marketing strategy with a lot of experimentation is crucial to maintain sales. Holtman showed a number examples from Team Fortress 2 and how Valve has continued to maintain sales for more than two years."

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Gary Glitter3197d ago

Steam is not the best platform, at the end of the day i would rather be able to bring my games anywhere in their case than have it as a file saved on steam and i dont know anyone with steam so i couldnt actually play my games anywhere except my own pc.

evrfighter3196d ago

Steam is the only place where you'll find games like

TF2 for $2.99,
Mass Effect and Assassins Creed $5.00,
Frontlines, $8

This was all in the last month I might add. Please don't tell me you think Live or PSN can top that.

Pandamobile3196d ago

Steam is <10 MB in size. It's not hard to download and install it on other computers.

And once you've downloaded games to your main computer, you can burn back-up disks and quickly install them on other PC's without wasting a huge amount of bandwidth.

Perjoss3196d ago

I love steam, but there is some things about it that are not quite right, for example:

Modern Warfare 2
steam = £39.99
amazon = £29.70 (free delivery)

steam = £29.99
amazon = £24.99 (free delivery)

I dont understand how an unboxed game can cost more than a boxed version. I know that they dont set the prices themselves, and if you look at Valve games they are CHEAP, but still...

Pandamobile3195d ago

Valve doesn't dictate the EU pricing, which is why everything is all weirded out.

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Kyll3196d ago

Yeah, I heard it has 70% market share or something

mephman3196d ago

Quite a few people really like Steam, but I've never really been bothered with it myself.

Kyll3196d ago

I'd try it, but I don't have windows on my Mac yet, sadly. I got one that could run a ton of games too, but then I couldn't afford windows xD. At least W7 is out now.

Paradise Lost3196d ago

steam is an awesome platform, i like it much better than xbox live or Psn because of it's dirt cheap deals they have.

ThePostalDudeX3196d ago

Steam is the only way to go for PC gamers! i love it!

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The story is too old to be commented.