CRPGs that Need to Rise from their Graves

For those who played computer Role Playing Games back in the early 90s, you've had your hands filled and time spent on one of these non-linear, multiple endings, and dialogue/story-driven wonders. With the return to form thanks to how awesome Dragon Age: Origins is (it really is, even with the generic fantasy background), it also got GameAxis wondering whether the timeless genre can make a mainstream-level comeback in a form of a new iteration or even a direct sequel.

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reintype3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

I want a new ULTIMA and a new PLANESCAPE. So EA and OBSIDIAN(Remnants of BLACK ISLE, though I think ATARI hold the rights to D&D Videogames), better start working on it. I think a next-gen ULTIMA UNDERWORLD game would be sick, they only have to use the MIRROR'S EDGE engine, to make it work.

Sadly, no mention of STONEKEEP?

But the ones that would really make me happy is a sequel to DARKLANDS and a new BETRAYAL OF KRONDOR game. While were on this, SID MEIER should stop d!cking around and make a new Master of Monsters game.