OXCGN: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review

OXCGN writes: "It only took 24 hours for Activision to sell 4.7 million copies of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in North America and the United Kingdom. The video game publisher estimated first-day sales in excess of $310 million. That is a little more than $215,000 per minute, or $3,529 per second.

So Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 made a lot of money, but is it any fun to play? Yes, it is a lot of fun to play, if you play online. It will keep you up into the wee hours of the morning. It will have you daydreaming at work. It will strain your relationships."

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gaminoz2982d ago

This score seems more in keeping with what I think....the 9s are not warranted imo.

BadCircuit2982d ago

I don't buy games just for online play. I barely ever play online so maybe this game isn't for me but it seems that the online play is very good so I don't know if I will play it.

XboxOZ3602982d ago

DOn't base your choice NOT to buy a game on someone's review. You're a unique person, and your experience of any game will be different to that of the person reviewing the game.

Plus, a sad but common trend these days is to seemingly steer clear of games that score less that 9/10 (90) or dare I say, even 8/10 (80). This is absurd to the extreme.

Not saying you are or that is how you are basing your choice, bit for those who do . . please, for goodness sake, and the sake of gaming as a whole, do NOT sideline games "just" because they have a score of 8/10 or for that matter, even games that score as low as 6/10.

They still are "above average" . . and well worth the effort to play.

Many a game that has been bagged by the "general media" has given me hours of fun, as well as many of my friends. If we follow what others dictate, we are no more than blind sheep.

Make your own mind up, you might find the game (this one or any one) actually surprises you with what it offers. Let YOU be the judge, not others. Use reviews as a "guide only", not a definitive of the game as a whole.

cornfedgamer2982d ago

A good review should not only comment on the quality of craftsmanship in the game, but should also give the reader enough information to make up their mind if they would like to play the game.

That's why I HATE scoring games. Because a lot of times the focus is on the score and not the content.

Hopefully my review provided that kind of information.

Bottom line, MW2 is genius online, and slightly above average offline. But the online is very good.

reintype2982d ago

OXCGN is the best XBOX site out there, these guys are real gamers. If you have an XBOX 360, this is the site to go, and no I only have a PS3, so this is not a shameless plug.

XboxOZ3602982d ago

Thanks mate, we are gamers, not fanboys, and we are passionate about our hobby come sport, come fixation. Yes, we use the 360 as our platform of choice for our "main gaming pleasure" . .but it certainly does not limit us to just that platform.

Glad to have you following us . . I have some announcements soon about a VERY limited Collectors edition on two new games coming to BOTH platforms, and by limited, I mean single press run with "limited quantity"

SO keep your eyes peeled for the news tomorrow (our time - AEST)

gaminoz2982d ago

"All great art must elicit an emotional response in the viewer, and the “No Russian” level does accomplish that. But it does so with the brutality of a jackhammer and visceral images compared to thoughtful nuance and introspection of higher art."

Nice to see the reviewer weigh in on the "No Russian" level. I still can't believe they let you participate in the realistic massacre instead of being a passive observer like with the execution scene of MW 1. Most people will feel uncomfortable on "No Russian" but many other gamers will gleefully go on a rampage because it's "just a game" and the point will be missed by that sort of person. I think the level was controversy-making and not good art when they allowed interactive.

cornfedgamer2982d ago

The level could have worked. It just wasn't executed properly when you take the entire narrative into account.

Still, nothing should be off limits for gaming. I'm glad they tried. But I'm sad that their attempt was so brief.