Sony's big plans for 2010

New hardware, reduced prices and... comics?

Martyn Williams writes: "Sony is hoping to return its PlayStation business to profitability next year with the help of new hardware devices and expansion of its network-delivered services platform, it said Thursday. Digital comics will join the line-up in Japan and the U.S. from December"

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LordMarius3110d ago

It always feels like I'm playing the waiting game with Sony, next year, next year

Stop announcing your stuff so early

MAiKU3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Don't blame them, blame the media. Why else do you think other game companies announce their plans for the upcoming year? They're asked to.

What if they didn't? What if they never told any one what they're doing to improve, to provide, to present? You'd think they just sit arses doing nothing and, unlike you i guess, that would piss off the consumers.

Hutch23553110d ago

I am looking for tons of great games and a solid online experience. Don't care for motion controls, but I am sure some will love them. Sony hit a homerun in 09 and 2010 is going to be even better with GOW3 and GT5. Even if that was all that was coming it would be a spectacular year, but there are so many more games like heavy rain, and too many others to name. It is great to be a gamer right now.

rockleex3110d ago

Isn't that what Microsoft had you guys do this whole year?

sikbeta3110d ago

This is year was and IS awesome for PS3 owners, I really want to see next year, 3D GAMING

OMG, imagine play GT5 and GOW3 with this AMAZING feature

Next year will be definitelly much more better than 2009

Guido3110d ago

If you are that serious about the news you read these days then you need to take a step back and understand that the media is at fault here and that you simply need to take the news you read with a grain of salt. Who cares if they announce it, it isn't real and tangible until it is in your hands so ignore it and play the games currently out.

TotalPS3Fanboy3109d ago

"It always feels like I'm playing the waiting game with Microsoft, next year, next year"

TheReaper423109d ago

you'll always be playing the waiting game because you'll never purchase a PS3.

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SmokingMonkey3110d ago

...that is all. j/k

I imagine TLG will be pushed to spring 2011.

My biggest 2010 gem; ModNationRacers

LordMarius3110d ago

You see that is what I'm talking about

Bilbo653110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Lol YEA SONY RUSH YOUR STUDIOS. Sony had tons of great exclusives this year and tons are coming next year. I still haven't even picked up alot of great games this year.

Plus The Last Guardian never had a release date to begin with so not sure how it can be "pushed back".

GarandShooter3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

'"I imagine TLG will be pushed to spring 2011."
You see that is what I'm talking about'

Congratulations SmokingMonkey! Marius has just elevated your posts to official news source status.

Next he'll ask for your autograph...:)

unrealgamer583110d ago

they announce things because people usually likes to know something as opposed to nothing

LordMarius3110d ago

no, they do it to annoy us, with false promises

MAiKU3110d ago

Since when has a promise been false? If a game is coming then it's coming, regardless if it gets pushed back, at least the company isn't just sitting there doing nothing?

Which is what people would actually think if they heard nothing from companies. Final Fantasy 13 was announced and most of SE resources are used to develop that game, ever since it was announced it's been worked on without stopping.

What you're annoyed with is BASIC PR.

UltimateIdiot9113110d ago

Sony doesn't go on and on about promises. You can blame the media and fanboys (both 360 and PS3) for that. Heck you can browse through N4G and you'll see rumors about the PS3 left and right and some even go as far as declaring it confirmed(HHG).

Point being is that often, Sony makes a confirm or promise when a feature is close to done or when the time is right. GT5 never had a release date but everyone assumed it to be Q4 2009, 360 fanboys goes on to say it's been delay to March 2010 which is an straight out lie.

At the end of the day, Sony keeps most promises and delivers as soon as possible.

YLOD Service Tech3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Sony's big plan for 2010 is to shut down the PlayStation gaming division. Boohoo droids.

The real killer3110d ago

Welcome back kid, that's all i have to say.
So much little kid here just as on X-live, poor little jelling kids.

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4point7BillionLoss3110d ago

from microsoft and wii is .... profitability

that's going to be hard with it's current $4.7 billion PS3 deficit !!!

Fail !

PirateThom3110d ago

Microsoft's total earnings for their gaming division:


TheBlackSmoke3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

360, it only does DLC.


You gotta love how they sweep the first xbox bombing and RROD replacement costs under the carpet, guess that dont count.

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TheTeam063109d ago

And hopefully a muzzle for you.

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