Demon's Souls: Telling Story through Gameplay

The land is shrouded in blackness. Enemies are more resilient than ever, and new, more powerful foes lurk in dark corners. The stakes couldn't be higher. After much patience and caution, Bitmob has finally set eyes on the prize -- a primeval demon.

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blitz06233104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

This generation needs more games like this. 60 hours in, I'm still hooked, and not bothered by the story at all because of what this article is trying to say. The gameplay just lets you get involved in the game in a very different and cunning way. You can have your own outlook on how the story unfolded and everything else

Raoh3104d ago

great game.. RPG of the year, doesn't matter if it wins or not, RPG of the year

Myst3104d ago

Going to play right now!

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3103d ago

1 of the best new IP's , a sequel is a must. I logged in about 250+ hrs , past the game 6X, around 790 multiplayer sessions (invading newbs/helping/PVP) , and obtained platnum . Im probably going to get disagreed but, I must say FromSoftware could improve upon the next demons souls.
minor improvements:
- either more routes to get to objective points
-more uniqueness in weapons
-voice chat
-more spells
-enemies spawn different locations
-some PVP arena
-more incentive going higher levels maybe (new weapons, spells, enemies ,bosses , whatever )